Unbeaten Lady Rockets win 3 more

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Carson Warner homered in Friday night’s game versus Community as the Lady Rockets improved to 5-0 on the season via a 10-0 run-rule win over the Viqueens.
Tribune photo by Anthony S. Puca

Thursday, March 14 versus Fayetteville (DH)

Game One

Fayetteville 000 0-0 1 2

Forrest 111 7-10 11 1

Fayetteville: Shianne Williams 1-for-2

2B: Williams

BB: Tamiya Haston

ROE: Almy

FC: White

SB: Williams

E: Squires, Katelynn White

LP: Marlynn Byron

Forrest: Samantha King 3-for-3, Carson Warner 2-for-3, Zoe Long 1-for-2, Emma Stacey 1-for-3, Katlin Leverette 1-for-3, Jasmine Runk 1-for-2, Ally Blanton 1-for-3, Kennedy Gillespie 1-for-2

2B: Carson Warner, Sam King, Jasmine Runk, Katlin Leverette

TB: Carson Warner 3, Emma Stacey, Zoe Long, Sam King 4, Ally Blanton, Kennedy Gillespie, Jasmine Runk 2, Katlin Leverette 2

RBI: Sam King 2, Jasmine Runk 2, Katlin Leverette, Carson Warner, Emma Stacey, Zoe Long, Ally Blanton

BB: Long

RS: Long 2, Anna Blanton 2, Stacey, Caroline Warner, Runk, Ally Blanton, Ally Blanton, Kennedy Gillespie

SAC: Runk

ROE: Long

FC: Carson Warner, Kayla Gillespie, Leverette

SB: Long 2, Stacey

WP: Samantha King (4IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 7K, 1BB)

Game Two

Forrest 22(13) XXX X-17 11 1

Fayetteville 000 0XX X-0 1 2

Forrest: Katlin Leverette 3-for-3, Jasmine Runk 2-for-3, Anna Blanton 1-for-1, Samantha King 1-for-3, Carson Warner 1-for-2, Ally Blanton 1-for-1, Kayla Gillespie 1-for-2, Kennedy Gillespie 1-for-2

2B: Kennedy Gillespie, Leverette

RBI: King 2, Kayla Gillespie 2, Ally Blanton 2, Runk 2, Anna Blanton, Carson Warner, Stacey, Kennedy Gillespie, Caroline Warner, Leverette

BB: Anna Blanton 2, Stacey 2, Ward, King, Carson Warner, Ally Blanton, Todd

RS: Ally Blanton 3, Stacey 2, Leverette 2, Runk 2, Ally Blanton 2, Zoe Long 2, King, Carson Warner, Kayla Gillespie, Todd

SAC: Stacey

ROE: Gillespie

HBP: Blanton

SB: Anna Blanton 2, Kaydee Todd 2, Stacey, Ally Blanton, Runk, Ward

E: King

WP: Lauren Gillespie (3IP, 1H, 0R, 0ER, 4K, 0BB)

Fayetteville: Shianne Williams 1-for-2

2B: Williams

ROE: Williams

SB: Williams 2

E: Katelynn White

LP: Almy

Friday, March 17 at Forrest

Community 000 00X XX-0 0 3

Forrest 000 46X X-10 7 0


E: Meghan Messick 2, Dora Ramos

LP: Karla Pena

Forrest: Laura Mealer 2-for-3, Katlin Leverette 1-for-3, Samantha King 1-for-1, Carson Warner 1-for-3, Ally Blanton 1-for-3, Emma Stacey 1-for-2

2B: Ally Blanton, Laura Mealer

HR: Carson Warner, Mealer

RBI: Laura Mealer 4, Carson Warner 3, King, Kayla Gillespie

BB: King 2

RS: Long 2, Mealer 2, Leverette, Runk, Carson Warner, Anna Blanton, Ally Blanton, Stacey

ROE: Carson Warner, Runk

SB: Zoe Long

WP: Samantha King (5IP, 0H, 0R, 0ER, 6K, 0BB)