MCHS girls tennis opens with win

Friday, March 24, 2017
Alexa Hooten (sophomore) and Natalie Cook (senior), playing together for the second year and known as #doubletrouble are the number one girls’ doubles team.
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Thursday, March 16

MCHS at Independence


MCH 4, Independence 2

Girls Singles

Natalie Cook (MCHS) def. Peterson, 8-5

Gordon def. Alexa Hooten (MCHS), 8-2

Annie Haynes (MCHS) def. Bunch, 8-5

Marti Sullivan (MCHS) def. Grimes, 8-4

Hovdet def. McKenna Hunter (MCHS), 8-6

Anna Claire Moses (MCHS) def. Zakaria, 8-4

Girls Doubles

Cook/Hooten (MCHS) def. Peterson/Gordon, 8-5

Bunch/Grimes def. Haynes/Sullivan (MCHS), 8-8, 7-4

Hordet/Lynch def. Hunter/Moses (MCHS), 8-5

Independence 6, MCHS 0

Boys Singles

Brooks def. George (MCHS), 8-0

Hayes def. Kennedy (MCHS), 8-3

Wadatz def. Hammons (MCHS), 8-0

Wheeler def. Desai (MCHS), 8-3

Pianta def. Ackels (MCHS), 8-3

Bain def. Vashi (MCHS), 8-4

Boys Doubles

Brooks/Wheeler def. Davis George/ Rajan Desai (MCHS), 8-2

Sean Kennedy/ Dawson Hammons (MCHS) def. Hayes/Wadtyz, 8-3

Bain/Pianta def. Jackson Ackels/ Santosh Vashi (MCHS), 8-6

Next match: Monday, March 27; Nolensville at MCHS, 4:30 p.m.