Tracks of Lynnville

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lynnville, Tennessee, a proud southern town of Middle Tennessee is located in the northern part of the County of Giles. Lynnville is home to the purple and gold Tigers of the famous old school, the Robert B. Jones High School, that once sat on the eastern borders of Lynnville.

Spring slipped in on Monday, March 20, 2017. Sure hope the weather will warm up an people can start planting their vegetable gardens. The smell of fresh tilled soil is an indication that spring has arrived.

The Lynnville Community Easter Sunrise Service will be held on Sunday morning, April 16 at the historic Lynnwood Cemetery located on West Main Street beginning at six o’clock a.m. The Lynnville First Baptist Church, Lynnville United Methodist Church, and the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church will be participating in the service. Everyone is invited to attend.

Dr. Larry Wood, brother to the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church minister, David Wood preached at the 11 o’clock hour Sunday, March 19, 2017. Dr. Wood and his wife, Helen live on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi. Everyone enjoyed Dr. Wood’s message.

Larry Gates of Nashville will present a dramatic one person play featuring Pontius Pilate as the character. Pontius Pilate will educate us on the situation in Judea during the days of Jesus, but most importantly, he will attempt to explain his actions regarding Jesus before the mobs and Jewish leaders demanding, “Crucify Him!” The Lynnville First Baptist and the Lynnville United Methodist Church will join the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church on Good Friday, April 14 at six o’clock p.m. for the presentation.

“Easter Sunday” is April 16, 2017.