Shooting at local business

Monday, March 27, 2017
Police Chief holding pistol with slide open and magazine removed similar to what MC Sheriff deputies carry prior to handing it over to TBI.
Jay Langston

A Marshall County Sheriff’s deputy was wounded and the reported gunman left dead in a Monday morning shooting at a Lewisburg Hair salon.

Steven A. Hopwood, of Lewisburg, went to Salon CW Cuts on South Ellington Parkway. A call came into the county 911 center at 10:15 a.m. reporting that Hopwood was at the salon, followed by another call that he had a gun.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Captain Jimmy Oliver was the first law enforcement officer on the scene and exchanged gunfire with Hopwood. Oliver was struck in the arm and transported to hospital in Columbia.

Oliver’s identity has not been officially confirmed but has been widely reported.

Hopwood also fired at other officers arriving on scene after Oliver, although they did not return fire.

After a tense standoff, Lewisburg SWAT officers entered the building, releasing several women who had been unable to leave after Hopwood’s entry.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which took over the investigation due to an officer being involved, confirmed Hopwood’s death on the scene. They could not confirm if Hopwood had been hit by Oliver’s rounds or if his fatal wound was self-inflicted.

The TBI confirmed that Hopwood had an active order of protection against him, but would not confirm who had taken out the order.

We hope to have more details in Wednesday's edition of the Tribune.