MCHS holds Renaissance Rally

Friday, March 24, 2017
Marti Sullivan, Brooke Blalock, and Annie Haynes pose by their hard work after they worked until 1 a.m. to decorate the school gym for the Rally.
Photo by Adriana Pomatto

By Adriana Pomatto

Marshall County High School Junior

Academics are an important part of a student’s life. In fact, academics should be one of the top priorities in school. Unfortunately, many students were beginning to lose focus on what truly mattered and teachers struggled to keep their pupils involved.

Rosa Middaugh, McKenna Hunter, Dontavious Wilson, Brantley Hollingsworth, Will Smith, and Laken Cowser.

The Marshall County High School Student Council took on the task of combatting this burgeoning threat by introducing the Renaissance Rally last year. The Renaissance Rally is an incentive for students to stay on track. Each student who earns a Renaissance Card by maintaining certain academic standards may participate in the rally.

Last year’s Rally was was conducted with every student watching while only the cardholders were allowed to play the games that accompanied the event. Students played games such as relay races, dance offs, and water bottle flipping.

Next, to truly set off the rally, students and faculty were recognized for their hard work and outstanding records. Countless people were individually recognized for their ability to better the school. The Student Council rewarded them, and teachers who were recently hired received a free t-shirt as a welcome to the school.

Frank Brown, Kenneth Lindsay, Jenna Grace Hill, Lily Burgett, Maris Fullerton, Brooklyn Marsh, Eric Hernandez, and LaMarcus Dodson.

The Spring Renaissance Rally, which was held February 10, became an even greater hit. This rally allowed only cardholders to attend and play the games, making the rally an exclusive reward. The Rally has reached a level of popularity to entice some students to sneak in. Some students were escourted out after teachers realized they did not have a card.

Based on their experience, the Student Council had an outline of how the Rally would evolve from the first one. Members had a better idea of how to plan this semester’s Rally.

Marti Sullivan, who took charge of the Renaissance Rally in the Student Council, successfully shouldered the large task of making a Rally a success. This Rally could not have been better, thanks to the dedication of Marti and many Student Council members.

Leah Hollingsworth, Hazel Smith, Chase Burgess, Victoria Curren, and Coty Roberts.

Marti shared her favorite part of the Rally, “Renaissance has been within the school for a few years, however, the Renaissance Rally has been presented to the school newly, last semester,” Marti said. “Everything is a learning process and opportunity to grow. Being head chair of preparation for the Renaissance Rally took very much hard work and dedication, yet it was worth it all for the fact of being able to take a step back and see all of the students rallied together celebrating other’s achievements, and being able to see how far the Renaissance program has came.” Marti is a natural leader capable of taking on any task and truly made the Rally a success this semester. The Rally will continue every semester with a new, inspired chairperson each time.

Mickey Crump, Mara Polston, Marissa Collins, Danyelle Blevins, Jenna Lee, and Santana Suon.
Jacob Pomatta Gilley, Sayme Valazquez, Jimmy Owens, Britni Davis, Savannah Gipson, and Annie Haynes.