Make germs on the tray fly away!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dear Heloise: Most airplane flights these days do not have enough time between layovers for the cleaning crew to wipe down TRAY TABLES. To keep from picking up germs, I pack several antibacterial wipes and keep them in my purse to wipe down the trays and armrests. Itís also handy to use in the planeís lavatory. -- Shannon M., Muleshoe, Texas

How right you are! If the ďstopĒ is just to offload and load passengers, generally there is NO cleaning. As a road warrior with more than 2.7 million miles (one airline alone), I can tell you that staying healthy and germ-free is not easy today. I have several small bottles of hand sanitizer stashed everywhere! Iíve used some on a tissue to wipe off the tray and armrest. YUCK! -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: Here are my favorite travel hints that have saved me many times:

* Pack a small first-aid kit and keep it in the glove compartment of your car.

* Carry all medications/jewelry in a carry-on bag or purse.

* Always notify a relative or close friend of your date of departure and return.

* Never carry your Social Security card in your wallet. -- Dan W. in Denver


Dear Heloise: Itís so easy for computer manuals and disks to get lost, so when I buy a new computer, I take the books and disks that came with it and place them in large, resealable plastic bags and store them together in the hall closet. -- Kathy S., Austin, Texas



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Dear Heloise: I hate to waste paper! When Iím tempted to toss out wastepaper from my computer, I place it in a box and take it to a recycling center instead. I called 311 and asked where the nearest recycling center was located. Now my entire office staff has gotten on the recycling bandwagon, and we recycle as much paper and plastic as possible. -- Linda H., Dearborn, Mich.


Dear Heloise: Here are a few outings that I try to fit in on a Friday:

* I take my dog to the dog park. The exercise is good for both of us.

* I have a ďMEĒ night. I may settle in with a pizza and treat myself to a facial, a pedicure and/or a foot massage. This is my time to treat myself and pretend Iím at a spa. I also save a lot of money doing this beauty task myself.-- Tot P., via email


Dear Heloise: When my young niece visits me, we have such a nice time. I get to take her (and me!) to the art museum, our botanical garden, or we both pick something new. She wanted to go to the air museum, and it was super! I had never been to it, and probably would not have thought about going. -- Auntie Tea, Dayton, Ohio

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