Dogs Available for Adoption at the Lewisburg Animal Shelter

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lewisburg Animal Shelter volunteers will be set up at Tractor Supply in Lewisburg this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Stop by and see them and support the Lewisburg Animal Shelter.

If you see a dog that you think has no water or shelter or inadequate water or shelter please contact the Officers at the new number for dispatch at 359-7215 and ask them to do a welfare check on the dog. Your information is kept confidential. Do NOT go onto another persons’ property by yourself to care for the dog. At that point the dog WILL have been cared for and the AWOs can do nothing. Instead contact the officers, leave a message with dispatch 24/7, and your call will be properly routed. The city AWO and county ACO are the only ones authorized by the city of Lewisburg and Marshall County to pick up stray dogs.

The Shelter Manager is on site at the shelter Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 to 5 p.m., and on Saturdays (unless we are set up at area events) from 8 to 12 p.m. We are closed on Thursdays.

The Lewisburg Animal Shelter is full of dogs that need homes immediately. Through the efforts of networkers and marketing the dogs the Lewisburg Animal Shelter has not had to euthanize for space in almost four years, however being a limited facility it is always a possibility especially with breeds that are harder to get adopters or rescues to take. We are a city-run facility and we are not a No Kill facility.

If you see a dog you are interested in, email to be put in line for first inquiry for a dog before it becomes available for adoption.

O’Malley #94 - O’Malley is a male Pit Bulldog mix, black and white in color, found as a stray. He is a very high energy fun loving boy, best in a no other dog home and with someone familiar with the breed. He weighs 71 pounds. He is a WATER LOVING HOG!! Jumps right into the water spray and tries to eat it! He is adoptable now to an approved rescue only. He also loves squeaky toys. We have been working on leash training as well. He is food aggressive with strangers and will snap at you if you try to reach for his food bowl. His adoption fee is $15 as he is fully vetted now. He is heartworm positive so his rescue would need to follow up with their own vet about his treatment. He is on his 7th month of a slow kill heartworm method in the shelter and tested light positive when retested last week, so it is working! His big birthday bash is this Sat 3-18 at the shelter from 9am-12pm.

Bella #203 - Bella was picked up on 7/10/16. She is an older Chow/Shepherd mix female. She is rescue only as she is a previous bite case at the shelter. She also had a huge mass/tumor on her rear end. Unfortunately, she also tested Positive for Heartworms on 8-30-16. We took donations for her to have the tumor removed and have been treating Heartworms with the slow kill method. She is supersweet and gets along with the other dogs, but not cats. She weighs 43 pounds. Her rescue fee is $5 as she has a sponsor for the remainder.

Tar Heel #243 - Tar Heel is a female lab mix found as a stray on Nashville Highway in Chapel Hill. She is friendly and has gotten better with strangers not being as afraid of them anymore. High energy and a barker! Came in with the male black lab Hawkeye so she may be related to him but not bonded. She will try another dog male or female so she is very alpha and needs to either go to a monitored no dog home or torescue where she can be further evaluated and more slowly introduced to other dogs. A high energy environment like the shelter only aggravates her already heightened energy so she is our shelter tornado for the moment! She is very smart and will try to sit for a food bowl but her energy won’t let her. She does know kennel on command and so has a high drive and is food and treat motivated. Lots of potential for this girl in the right setting! She weighs 46 pounds and is microchipped and heartworm negative. Her adoption fee is partially sponsored so she is $35 to an approved adopter or rescue. If both her and Hawkeye are rescued/adopted together their fee is only $75 together.

Hawkeye #244 - Hawkeye is a male lab mix found as a stray on Nashville Highway in Chapel Hill. He is very friendly and outgoing and has gotten much better since his neuter. He will still go at a male dog but he loves to play and romp with the females. High energy and a barker! Came in with the female black lab Tar Heel so he may be related to her but they are not bonded so can be adopted separately. He needs room to run and a family to help him spend alot of that energy! Very smart and highly food and treat motivated, this guy has alot of potential. He weighs 57 pounds and is heartworm negative and microchipped. His adoption fee is $75 but if both he and TarHeel are adopted/rescued together then their fee is only $75 for both.

Gator #270 – Gator was picked up on Jackson Ave on 9/29/16. He is very friendly with people and a handsome young man. He was recently neutered so as soon as his hormones settle down we will begin testing him with the other dogs. He has been really good with young smaller children when folks have stopped by with them at the shelter, not jumping on them at all so it’s possible he was raised with small kids around at some time in his life prior to coming into the shelter. Like he knows they are more fragile than their larger humans! He weighs 58 pounds and is microchipped. He did test positive for heartworms so he has just started on his heartworm treatment. He is not good with the male dogs, trying to fight them through the kennel fencing. He will need to go to a well supervised home.

Spellbinder #291 - Spellbinder appears to be a female American Bulldog/hound mix, brown and white in color. She was picked up on Hunter Road and weighs 56 pounds. She has really come out of her shell and is now a bouncing ball of energy. She will jump first thing and we are working with her to stop this as she almost knocks us down so would a child for sure. She appears to have been a mom at some point and may have recently weaned pups upon intake, but we have had her spayed now and she is fully vetted. Her adoption fee is $75. She is microchipped and heartworm negative. She can be dominant with other dogs, especially if they growl at her as she tries to prove her alpha status. Would be best in a no dog or no challenging dog home. She loves people and wants to be right by your side when out. Would make a wonderful loving companion for someone looking for a love you to the end of time dog!

Delilah #318 - Delilah is a female lab/hound mix found as a stray on Water Street on 12-2. She is super sweet and appears to be housebroken. She has been alpha toward some of the other dogs, and it appears more she is protective of whatever human she is around. She needs to go to a no dog home or be well supervised. She was wearing a collar. She is fully vetted, microchipped, and heartworm negative. She weighs 60 pounds. She has been fine with the cats here, however when a potential adopter took her home she went after one of their outdoor cats according to them. Since we have no confirmation of this we are stating that an adopter with cats would need to monitor her. She is fine with the ones here even when loose up front.

Meatloaf #53 – Meatloaf is a male possibly Jack Russell/Beagle mix found as a stray on Pinecone Drive with a female dog. She is being returned to owner but the lady said this one has been around the area for a few days. He is leery of people and is going to take some work to gain his trust. He has become more trusting since he first came in but is still rescue only right now. He may be available to adopt once he accepts people more, but will be available to a rescue to continue working with him on 2-25 once his hold is up. He weighs 23 pounds. He has been fully vetted and is $70 to rescue only right now. He is heartworm positive, and will be started on a slow heartworm kill method here at the shelter. He is microchipped.

Darby #80 - Darby is a male American Bulldog mix, black and white in color, found as a stray on Agent Road. He is a little timid but wags his tail with kind words. He is a very sweet boy. He is a little on the thin side weighing 60 pounds right now so should be a big boy once he puts on a little weight. He has been fully vetted and is heartworm negative and microchipped. His adoption fee is $75. He’s a great boy but very high food angst right now.

Shamrock #88 and pups – Shamrock is a female black and white lab mix found as a stray on Finley Beech Road in Belfast with her 4 pups. She weighs 52 pounds and is very sweet and loving. She was still nursing her pups so she is rescue only. Her pups are around 8 weeks old and there were 4 of them. The pups are being currently weaned but they will go with mom to rescue. She is available to rescue only with her pups on 3-22.

Celtic, Irish, Bagpipe, and Paddy #91,92,93,94 – These four cuties are from a litter of 4 pups that were found as strays on Mooresville Hwy. They are very sweet all puppy at 8 weeks of age. Bagpipe and Paddy have an approved adopter already once they become available on the 23rd. Their adoption fees are $125 which includes a $50 refundable deposit once they are spayed/neutered. They range in weight from 8.4 to 10.4 pounds, and are more than likely hound/boxer/pointer mixes.

Emerald #95 and Isle #96 – Emerald is a terrier mix female that is still nursing her 6 week old pup, so they are rescue only. She is black and white in color and has a bad front left paw that appears to be an old injury and doesn’t seem to give her any pain. She weighs 22.8 pounds and this is not her first litter. Her pup Isle appears to have some Mountain Cur in her and is brindle and white. They both are available to rescue only on 3-23.

Brogue #96 – Brogue is a male shepherd mix found as a stray in the Walmart parking lot this am. He weighs 42 pounds and is a bit shy but very sweet. He is neutered already so his adoption fee once available on the 24th will be $25.