Tiger tennis loses to Summertown

Friday, March 31, 2017
The 2017 Marshall County High School Tennis Team Bottom row from left are, Alexa Hooten, Macey Pickle, McKenna Hunter, Annie Haynes, and Marti Sullivan. Middle row, Noah Curran, Kasey Beard, Natalie Cook, Anna Claire Moses, Rajan Desai, and Dawson Hammons. Back row, coach Tammy Shrivalle, assistant coach Vanessa Sweeney, Sean Kennedy, Davis George, Jenson Ackles, Santosh Vashi, and assistant coach Robert Ward. (Not pictured Tristan Maxwell)
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Tuesday, March 28 at Marshall County

Lewisburg Recreation Center


Summertown 3, Marshall County 2

Girls Singles

Natalie Cook (MCHS) def. Gorbatoff, 8-0

Alexa Hooten (MCHS) def. Johnson, 8-3

Long def. Annie Haynes (MCHS), 8-4

Caperton def. Marti Sullivan (MCHS), 7-5

McBride def. Anna Claire Moses (MCHS), 8-2

McKenna Hunter (MCHS) def. Collier, 6-0

Girls Doubles

Cook/Hooten (MCHS) def. Johnson/Gorbatoff, 9-7

Perry/Long def. Haynes/Sullivan (MCHS), 8-4

Gobble/Manire def. Pickle/Moses (MCHS), 5-2


Summertown 4, Marshall County 1

Boys Singles

Davis George (MCHS) def. Perry, 8-5

Bailey def. Sean Kennedy (MCHS), 8-6

Houser def. Dawson Hammons (MCHS), 8-4

Collier def. Rajan Desai (MCHS), 9-7

McCafferty def. Jackson Ackels (MCHS), 8-6

Johnson def. Santosh Vashi (MCHS), 6-3

Boys Doubles

Perry/Bailey def. Davis/Desai (MCHS), 6-1

Kennedy/Hammons (MCHS) def. Houser/Collier, 8-3

Collier/Brown def. Kasey Beard/Noah Curran (MCHS), 6-4