“SHOTS FIRED,” Deputy wounded in exchange of gunfire, SWAT deployed, gunman dead at scene

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies, Lewisburg Police Department, SWAT and Tennessee State Troopers responded to “shots fired” call at C.W. Cuts Monday morning.
Tribune photo by Jay Langston

A shooting in Lewisburg left the gunman dead and a Sheriff’s deputy injured Monday morning.

Steven A. Hopwood, 51, of Lewisburg, died on the scene at Salon CW Cuts on South Ellington Parkway, after he had entered the salon, where his estranged wife Teresa works, that morning.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Susan Niland gave an outline of the morning at a press conference during the afternoon, but kept details of what occurred to a minimum citing the ongoing investigation.

Steven Hopwood

What is known, officially, is that Hopwood entered the salon at around 10:15 a.m. when the first 911 call was received. Dispatch received a second 911 call minutes later stating that he had a gun.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Captain Jimmy Oliver was the closest law enforcement officer to the scene and arrived within two minutes.

Hopwood exchanged gunfire with Oliver, striking him in the arm.

SWAT on scene
Jay Langston

Hopwood retreated inside the salon, where several people, including a child, were trapped.

Niland would not characterize them as hostages, but did allow that they were unable to leave the building freely.

Oliver was transported to the hospital in Columbia and has reportedly been released and is recovering at home.

The employees of CW Cuts Salon leaving the scene safely.
Jay Langston

Hopwood also fired shots at law enforcement officers arriving on the scene after Oliver, although, in this case, they did not return fire.

A tense standoff followed with Lewisburg Police officers, Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies, and Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers responding to surround the building.

The Lewisburg SWAT team entered the salon, finding Hopwood already deceased.

Niland was not able to comment if Hopwood had died of wounds sustained during his exchange with Oliver or if his fatal wound was self inflicted, pending the outcome of an autopsy.

Conflicting reports appearing in the media throughout the day as the investigation unfolded. Nashville television stations at various points during the situation reported that there had been multiple injuries, that Oliver had been in the salon getting his hair cut when Hopwood entered, and that the suspect was in custody.

Watching at the scene, Marshall County Emergency Medical Services entered the building after it had been secured and left shortly thereafter with an empty gurney was indication that the latter report was probably incorrect.

Hopwood’s motive apparently stemmed from the ending of his marriage, judging from court documents filed in Marshall County General Sessions Court.

In July of 2016, Teresa Hopwood filed for an order of protection from her husband citing verbal and physical abuse.

The request noted that Hopwood had suffered a brain injury that caused him to be “violent and dangerous.”

The petition for protection states “he has threatened my life too many times to count... he also says he will die with me.”

Awareness of the protection order led to the quick emergency call from the salon when Hopwood entered the business.

Divorce papers were reportedly filed in August of last year, although the process had not apparently been finalized.

Hopwood was stopped in late September by the Marshall County Sheriff’s office and charged with driving under the influence.

The 17th District Attorney General, Rob Carter, asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to become involved, as is the case with any officer-involved shooting in the state.

Local law enforcement representatives were unable to comment further on the events of the morning or the ongoing investigation.

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms also joined in the investigation.

South Ellington Parkway was shut down for hours as investigation of the scene continued.

Salon CW Cuts remained closed for business on Tuesday.