Verona Millís 1880 census shows rich Marshall Co. history

Thursday, April 6, 2017
Scant information about the Verona Mill exists today. Help the Tribune staff collect historical information about this and other Marshall County mills by contacting our office.
Photo courtesy of Rock Creek Market

Water still flows gently along the West Fork of Rock Creek, but the bustling grist mill that stood there 140 years ago has long since vanished.

Rock Creek runs through the sleepy little hamlet of Verona, Tenn., an unincorporated wide spot on State Route 272 that lies north of Lewisburg in Marshall County. The mill at Verona was owned by brothers J.A. Regen and J.S. Regen, according to the 1880 Industrial Census of Marshall County that year.

The brothers initially invested $2,000 to build the dam and mill, and employed one man over 16 years of age to run it. The Regens paid $225 in tax each year, and ran the mill 12 hours per day throughout six months of the year. It ran half-days for three months to keep up with local milling needs, and it sat idle for three months during the slow months.

The Regen Brothers Flouring Mill processed 1,500 bushels of wheat between June 1, 1879 and May 31, 1880, the value of which was stated at $1,500. This produced 300 barrels of wheat flour. During that same period, they milled 4,000 bushels of other grain, with a stated value of $2,000, to produce 29,000 pounds of feed and 216,000 pounds of corn meal. Their total production for that year earned them $7,497.

Today, Rock Creek Market stands on the west bank of the creek adjacent to where the Verona Mill once stood. Little else is known about the Verona Mill.