Tigerettes dominate Columbia Central

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
The 2017 Marshall County Tigerettes Tennis Team From left are, Macey Pickle, Anna Claire Moses, Coaches Vanessa Sweeney and Robert Ward, Alexa Hooten, Natalie Cook, Annie Haynes and McKenna Hunter.
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Friday, April 7

MCHS at Columbia Central

Woodland Park, Columbia

The Marshall County Tigerettes tennis team is on roll, coming up with their third sweep in a row. In one week, the girl's team has played 18 singles matches and nine doubles matches, and have won all of them.

Girls Singles

Natalie Cook (MCHS) def. Willis, 8-1

Alexa Hooten (MCHS) def. Cain, 8-1

Annie Haynes (MCHS) def. Calahan, 8-0

McKenna Hunter (MCHS) def. Shuff, 8-2

Anna Claire Moses (MCHS) def. Burns, 8-2

Macey Pickle (MCHS) def. Rohling, 8-6

Anna Claire Moses (sophomore) and Macey Pickle (freshman) won a tough 8-8 tie breaker with a final score of 7-4.

Girls Doubles

Cook/Hooten (MCHS) def. Willis/Cain, 8-1

Haynes/Hunter (MCHS) def. Calahan/Shuff, 8-5

Moses/Pickle (MCHS) def. Burns/Rohling 8-8, (tie breaker) 7-4