Child abuse prevention month recognized on Courthouse Square

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Mayors Liggett and Bingham gathered with Junior’s House supports on the Courthouse lawn to bring awareness to Child Abuse Prevention month.
Photo by Jay Langston

On April 7, 2017 at 10 a.m., Junior’s House supporters, Mayor Liggett, and Mayor Bingham were on the Marshall County Court House square to kick off Child Abuse Prevention Month, plant a pinwheel garden, and honor their local community heroes who work to fight child abuse all year. Junior’s House, Inc. could not be successful in helping child abuse victims without the people who help investigate and prosecute these cases.

Every day in our country 1,900 children suffer from abuse. Child abuse continues to be prevalent in our society with one in 10 children being sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. Child abuse prevention and services are imperative in every community because left untreated, child abuse is linked to higher rates of drug use, teen pregnancy, mental illness, and even shorter life spans. The economic impact to our society is significant. Providing free services to child abuse victims is indispensable in every community.

Junior’s House Inc. was established in 2003 in honor of a special little boy named Junior who tragically died as the result of child abuse. Sgt. Joyce McConnell, an investigator with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, engaged the Lincoln County community and opened a child advocacy center to ensure that child abuse victims receive the support they need and to honor the brief life of six-year-old Junior. Since that time, Junior’s House has continued to expand, and thousands of child abuse victims have been served.

Junior’s House offers services in Lincoln, Moore, Bedford, and Marshall counties. “Junior’s House is a great place to find all kind of resources about what we can do to help prevent child abuse,” Representative Pat Marsh said. “We are so lucky to have such an organization in our area that is doing so much great work.”

The Marshall County community and the 17th Judicial District have continued to be supportive of Junior’s House and have shown a great commitment to ensuring that children have access to free services when tragedy strikes their young lives.

We continue to need your support to help the numerous victims we see each year.

“Junior’s House is a gift for our community,” one parent said. “They truly love the kids and families that are blessed by their program. Although I heard many parents and students talk about the great things at Junior’s House, it has by far exceeded my expectations as a parent. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who has been a victim of abuse.”