Cornersville Aldermen seek to review list of properties to condemn

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Cornersville Mayor and Board of Aldermen faced a light agenda at a brief monthly meeting on Thursday.

Town Attorney Billy Ostermann updated the board on the status of the town’s delinquent property taxes.

Delinquencies from 2015 have just been filed with the clerk and master in Lewisburg. Roughly $1,600 is still outstanding, down from more than $4,000.

There are two parcels from 2014 still unpaid on which Ostermann is beginning the title search process prior to a trustee sale in December.

Alderman Sherry McClintock noted, while on the subject of collections, the $8,863 collected year to date by Rapid Recovery, a firm the town contracted with this year to recover unpaid traffic tickets.

Compared to the previous year, collections had been zero, so the success of the program was evident as far as its contribution to town finances.

On the subject of property as well, the board requested that Town Administrator Scotty Brock, who was absent from the meeting, provide them with an update on properties in town in poor condition, some of which will reportedly require condemnation if no action is taken.

The aldermen chose to leave an empty seat on the town’s planning commission vacant.

The board had not received any expression of interest from a resident interested in serving on the commission after newspaper notice and personal appeals.

A replacement had been named to the seat a couple of months ago, but they had reportedly found issue with the state’s financial disclosure required to ensure a lack of financial interest in planning decisions and declined to complete the process.