Accusation of road rage and brandishing a gun leads to felony arrest

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On March 17, Lewisburg Police officers and Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an alleged road rage incident in which a gun had been brandished.

The two victims reported that Adam Tyler McGatha and two other juveniles had a verbal dispute with the two and, while following them down Ellington Parkway, McGatha had pulled alongside them and pointed a firearm at them as well.

They then followed McGatha in order to track his location for police, who ultimately stopped the three on New Columbia Highway and performed a felony traffic stop.


A loaded Glock 19 9 mm pistol was holstered on McGatha’s waist and two loaded clips were found in his vehicle as well.

The two juveniles were not charged.

McGatha was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and held on $30,000 bond.


• Marshall County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Bryant Cemetery Road on April 12 in order to support a home visit by officers from the state probation office. The state probation officers searched the residence, as allowed by probation regulations, and discovered three rifles and a shotgun along with a small amount of ammunition. Jeremy Bowen, the resident, was arrested and charged as a felon in possession of firearms. Bond was set at $3,000.

• Deputies were dispatched to Ebenezer Hollow Road on April 12 in response to a domestic disturbance call. At the scene, a man reported that, upon returning to the home with his son, Lisa Atkins had struck him several times, while cussing him and threatening to kill both him and his son.

According to the report, Atkins appeared intoxicated and admitted to hitting the man, due to him wanting her to leave the home.

Atkins was charged with domestic assault and held on $1,000 bond.

On April 16, deputies returned to the address after a report of an unwanted person. Atkins had returned to the home in violation of the bond conditions from the previous incident. She was arrested for violation of bond conditions with an additional $2,000 bond set.

• Tina Gipson was charged with domestic assault on April 16 after an incident where it was determined that she had struck her former husband. Bond was set at $1,000.

• LPD officer Clint Newbill observed a vehicle make a dangerous left hand turn into the Oxford Square apartments on April 16.

Following the vehicle for a traffic stop, he discovered that the driver, Allicia Greer, had also struck a curb and was sitting with the engine revving in the parking lot.

According to the report, Greer exhibited “extremely slurred speech” and “extremely poor balance.”

Performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Greer was charged with driving under the influence.

She also refused a breathalyzer test, violating the state’s implied consent law.

Bond was set at $1,500.

• Jessie Marshall was charged with public intoxication after a call from the Summit Apartments reporting a disorderly person. Bond was set at $500.

• On April 14, LPD officers spoke with Joseph Travis about the city noise ordinance due to the music volume from his truck in the Quick Mart 10 parking lot.

According to the report, Travis began to argue after being asked for his license and registration.

Officers reported a bag of marijuana on the passenger seat of his truck as well as open beer cans. Officers also found a scale with a green leafy substance on it.

Travis was charged with public intoxication, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of a Schedule VI drug.

He was also cited for a noise ordinance violation.

Bond was set at $4,000.

• Zachary McCoy was arrested April 16 after an altercation with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

The boyfriend reported that McCoy had kicked in the door to his apartment and had punched him several times.

McCoy was charged with simple assault, vandalism under $500, and aggravated burglary. Bond was set at $6,500.

• Stephanie Cozart was charged with domestic assault after an April 12 incident with her boyfriend.

He stated that she had come home drunk and had thrown outdoor decorations at the front door of the residence.

She also, according to the report, grabbed at him leaving scratches and also punched, and broke a bedroom window.

Witnesses supported the boyfriend’s account of the incident. Bond was set at $2,000.