Straight from the Tracks of Lynnville

Friday, April 28, 2017

Greetings from Lynnville, Tennessee located next to Robertson Fork Creek.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and Happy Easter and found the Golden Egg at an “Easter Egg Hunt”.

The Lynnville First Presbyterian Church building has a rather huge birthday this year. The building will be 150 years old having been built in 1867. The congregation of the church is older than 150 years. The Elk Ridge Presbyterian Church located on Highway 129 east across the road from Elk Ridge Cemetery was started in 1808; Hopewell Presbyterian Church located on Buford Station Road next to Hopewell Cemetery; and the Presbyterian Church in Old Lynnville all came together after the Civil War and built the Lynnville First Presbyterian Church in 1867. The manse was built later. Elk Ridge was the first Presbyterian Church in Giles County and one of the first in Middle Tennessee.

More details will be forthcoming about the celebration of Lynnville First Presbyterian Church. A committee of members from the church will map out the plans for the birthday party.

“On our city’s eastern border,

Reared against the sky.

Proudly stands our Alma Mater,

As the years roll by.

Forward ever be our watchword,

Conqueror and prevail.

Hail to thee our Alma Mater,

Jones High, all hail!”

The school Alma Mater for our dear old Robert B. Jones High School. This school song will be sung on Saturday, June 3 as alumni, faculty members, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and guest will be invited to the annual alumni gathering of the “Purple and Gold Tigers” of the Robert B. Jones High School. Registering will begin at ten o’clock a.m. and at noon, there will be a potluck lunch served by some great cooks. Following the lunch, there will be a program where two seniors will be given scholarships and three outstanding alumni will be named. The roll call will be called for all classes that graduated from Jones High School 1900 to 1978.

Mark your calendar and make plans to be in Lynnville on Saturday, June 3 and talk where old times are not forgotten. You will have a great time remembering when!

Decoration Day will be observed at the Lynnwood Cemetery on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, 2017.

We thank all the good cooks in Lynnville for preparing pies, cakes, and cookies for the bake sale that was held on Saturday, April 15 in front of Soda Pop Junction and was sponsored by the Lynnville Community Club. The Community Club made a nice profit from the sale to be used for community projects.

The Lynnville Community Sunrise Service was held at six o’clock a.m. on Sunday, April 16 at the Lynnwood, Cemetery. There was speaking and singing. Everyone enjoyed the service.

The faculty of the high school grades in 1915 of The Robert B. Jones High School in Lynnville were as follows: Pride Tomlinson, B. A. Degree from Sewanee University and also taught Latin and Modern Languages; A. H. Brownell, graduated from the University of Kentucky and taught English and History; Miss Rachel Witt, B. A. Degree from Vanderbilt University and taught Mathematics; teacher to be named for Agriculture and Science; Mr. Edward Buford was the Librarian; Miss Gladys Wilson, Asheville, North Carolina, School of Expression taught Expression; Miss Jessie Sue McFarland, B. S. Degree from the University of Tennessee and taught Domestic Science (Home Economics); Miss Marjorie Alexander, Music; and Miss Molly Wagstaff, Dormitory Mother.

Saturday evening, April 8, the Class of 1967 of the Robert B. Jones High School held their 50th Class Reunion in the Lynnville Municipal Building. Members of the class, faculty members, and guest began gathering at 5:30 p.m. for a 6 p.m. dinner and program. The tables in the Municipal Building were decorated in the school colors of “Purple and Gold” and “Tigers”, the school mascot. Each person in attendance was given a name tag with their picture on it from the 1967 yearbook.

Terry Coker, a member of the class was the mc for the evening. Coker welcomed everyone to the reunion and introduced faculty members that were present. Faculty attending were: Mr. Carter Witt, principal; Mrs. Donna Cox, business teacher and yearbook sponsor; Mrs. Nancy Jo Hollis, third grade teacher; and Mrs. Jeanie Coker, secretary of the school. Sponsors of the 1967 class were Mrs. Polly Sanders, Home Economics Teacher and Miss Eugile Daniels, Librarian, Latin, and English Teacher. Mrs. Sanders was unable to attend and Miss Daniels is deceased.

Principal Carter Witt called the roll of class members. There were thirty-one in the class that graduated in 1967. Seventeen attended the reunion. Four members of the class are deceased: Johnny Ruth Armstrong, Tommy Graves, Debra Keene, and Judy Love.

Two members of the class were recognized that had been named Outstanding Alumni at the annual meeting of The Robert B. Jones High School Alumni Association. They were Terry Clark and Gary Sims.

Following the roll call, the group stood and sang the school Alma Mater.

A delicious buffet dinner was served. The menu was barbeque, chicken, baked beans, slaw, rice, roles, fresh vegetables and fruits, cake and ice cream, banana cake, tea, cokes, and water. Gary Sims, a member of the class prayed the blessing.

Brenda Harris Graves, a member of the class and a member of the planning committee for the reunion had several games for the class. She had several trivia questions about the class during their twelve years at Jones High School.

Everyone in attendance has a very good time at the 50th reunion of the Class of 1967 of The Robert B. Jones High School. “Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Jones High All Hail!”