Community’s new coach brings new perspective

Friday, May 12, 2017
Corey Bishop was announced as the Viqueens’ new head coach on Wednesday.
T-G Photo by Chris Siers

Corey Bishop has always seen the game of basketball through a different set of eyes.

No stranger to the game, Bishop spent his high school days playing basketball for Forrest High School until he graduated in 2012.

Now he gets to see the game through a new set of eyes and lead a team as the new Community High School Viqueen head basketball coach.

“This is the place where I wanted to be. I know the great tradition here that’s been built by Coach (Allison) Martin. She’s done a great job of building this program. My job is to maintain it and build off it,” he said.

Bishop’s hiring was announced on Wednesday. He met with his returning players as he was introduced by Principal Dr. Robert Ralston.

“Community High School is excited to announce Corey Bishop has been selected as the new head coach of the Viqueens’ basketball squad. Coach Bishop comes from a family of educators and coaches. We believe his character, beliefs, and discipline are the right fit to continue the excellence for which the Viqueens’ program is known,” Ralston said.

Bishop has been around basketball as long as he can remember, but has always felt like he’s seen the game from a coach’s viewpoint.

“I started at Chapel Hill as a basketball player there, but I always saw myself more as a coach than a player. I see things differently, more as a coach than as a player. I want to help young people succeed in their aspirations and goals in life,” he said.

While most coach hirings happen in the summer months, Bishop says meeting with his team before the school year let out was hugely important in building his rapport with his team.

“I think the most important thing was I was able to meet with the girls before camp started. The hardest thing that we will have to transition to is stepping in to the head coaching position,” he said.

Though many coaching changes bring about differences from one coach’s vision to the next, Bishop says he wanted to keep the program as familiar as possible for the returning Viqueens—notably on the bench.

“My first two phone calls were to Coach (Dan) Reed and Coach (Misty) Thompson. Coach Martin has done a great job here and I’ve extended an invitation to her to be a part of this program in any capacity that she wants to be,” he said.

Both Reed and Thompson will return on the bench as assistants to Bishop.

Another change the school will be undergoing is competing in Class 2A, which Bishop says will impact his approach to the team.

“First thing’s first, we’re going to have to be a fundamentally sound team. We will harp on rebounding. Because of us moving up to 2A, rebounding will be an absolute key. We will be a defensive team—a very intense team, and we’ll rely on our defense for our offense,” he said.

Knowing the program’s recent history of district titles and a pair of trips to the Class A state tournament, Bishop believes if his team buys into his vision, the program can make a return trip to the state tournament.

“We think if we can do those things and establish that here, we can take that jump to the next level. I believe this team can do it and I believe this team can get to Murfreesboro,” he said.

Bishop moves into the Community High School environment with his wife Chloe.

Even away from basketball season, Bishop says he and his wife enjoy any and all sporting events.

“First and foremost, we love going to sporting events. Anything that we can go see in person, we love. My wife Chloe and I love being outdoors. We like to go hiking and white water rafting. We’re big adventurers. We spend a lot of time with family and go to church,” he added.

Bishop will also be joining the Community faculty as a wellness teacher, teaching on physical education, strength and conditioning, and first aid.

“This is a place where I can see us succeeding in all aspects, not just basketball, but helping these girls develop as people,” he said.