MCHS dodgeball fundraiser for Epilepsy Awareness

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Starting from the first row going left to right, members Leah Hollingsworth, Hannah Sheppard, Lexi Cashion, Tristan Maxwell, Nathan Thomason, Jay Howard, Collin Hilton, and Grant Agnew all take a happy pose after winning the MCHS dodgeball tournament.
Photo by Adriana Pomatto

Dodgeball – a hilarious sport with no point other than throwing and dodging balls – has returned to Marshall County High School. With no tournaments for a few years, students decided they wanted to see a dodgeball tournament once more. The idea was first suggested in Student Council as a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Epilepsy Awareness. Later, the council members voted in favor of the game. The tournament occurred on Good Friday at 12 p.m. in the school gym where tickets were sold for $3 and drinks for $1.

Each team was comprised of up to eight people, with at least one being a female. Teams paid $40 to sign up, or $5 per teammate. They were also required to choose a name. For example, the winning team chose “Gucci Pandas” as their name.

With the dodgeballs perfectly aligned in the center of the gym, each team readied themselves for the impending downpour of foam balls. Students and parents watched the players use several techniques, including hoarding all the dodgeballs until the opposing team had none. Next, the team with all the dodgeballs would simultaneously throw each ball all at once in a shower of defeat. Each barrage of dodgeballs was unpredictable. Sometimes no members were hit and the plan completely backfired, while other times half of the opposing team would be eradicated.

After several matches, however, bystanders became aware that the Gucci Pandas were set out to win the tournament. Every team played hard and fair, and the tournament was a success.

Next year, if people decide they want another dodgeball tournament, then Student Council should hold another one. With many new events, fewer people show up because they do not have anything with which to compare the event. People can only hope that next year will bring another dodgeball tournament – only time and the support of the people will tell.