Decoration Day: A Southern tradition

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Patty Blackburn

Haley Stacey places flowers on her papa’s grave at New Hope Cemetery on Ostella Road, as a remembrance of her love and appreciation of him. If you have passed by a cemetery this past week, you have probably noticed brighter colors scattered throughout the monuments. Families, showing their remembrance to their loved ones, have placed beautiful, colorful flowers and arrangements, on the graves. Patriotic colors can also be seen on graves of those who served our country. The flags remind us of those who are gone, but not forgotten. Decoration Day is the time of year to honor those who have passed and cemeteries always look “their best” during this time of the year, a couple of weeks before Memorial Day. During the decoration days, families place the flowers on the graves and some even clean the monuments. Donations, which are used for maintenance or upkeep of the grounds, are given to those who are responsible for the cemetery. So be sure to show your support to the cemeteries where your loved ones are resting.