MTSU journalism students come to MC Tribune

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Journalism students from Middle Tennessee State University are coming to Lewisburg next week on the hunt for stories.

The students are members of a unique feature writing class that takes students on the road for three weeks. Lewisburg will be the second stop for the class members, who are partnering with the Marshall County Tribune for this leg of the class.

“This is an immersion variety of journalism instruction, where we take students out of the classroom and put them into the field, in places where they usually don’t know anyone and don’t know the lay of the land,” said MTSU Associate Professor Leon Alligood, who will be leading the students. Alligood, a journalist for 30 years before joining MTSU in 2008, spent much of his career covering the state for the Nashville Banner and The Tennessean.

“MTSU has students going overseas on study trips each summer, I thought it would be a great idea to go on the road, just never leaving Tennessee,” Alligood added.

While the class is officially known as Journalism 3560 in the university course catalog, students have given it another name: the Road Trip Class.

During their week in the area, the MTSU students will be seen about town and county as they work in teams to tell stories. In addition to writing feature stories, they will also be shooting video, collecting sound and taking still photos. All of the students will wear badges identifying them as members of the MTSU student press.

While the group has already collected a number of stories to report, Alligood said new ideas will be considered. The class is looking to tell untold stories and profile interesting people and places. If you have suggestions, e-mail Alligood at

“The Road Trip is an opportunity for students to be tested in their journalism skills outside the comforts of campus,” the professor noted. This is the fifth year of the unique journalism class.

The class is funded by a grant from the Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies at MTSU.