Public Records

Friday, May 26, 2017


Toni Evola to Jacki Lynn Moss; Mario Gomez to Yanesia Estrada; Joshua Michael Martin to Caryn Headden; Dudley Mitchell to Breanna Massey; James Gunter Roper to Miranda Carneiro; Joe Edd Swinney III to Hannah Cross; Travis Lee Arthur to Payton Wells; David Farr to Katie Willett; Kody Andrew Klaren to EmilyWandell


Manny’s Roofing and Construction LLC, 3409 6th Ave., Huntsville, AL; Ramiro Hernandez – owner; Painted Petticoat Co., 5232 Eagleville Pike, Eagleville, TN; Hope McDonald – owner; Industrial Steel & Supply Inc., 1820 Childress Rd., Lewisburg, TN; David London – owner; S & K Septic Disposal & Repairs, 1532 Wade Brown Rd., Lewisburg, TN; Sam Jamison – owner; Office Ninja’s, 2360 Stegall Rd., Lewisburg, TN; Jaxie Bush – owner; Clay Pipkin Gutter, 3170 Hallmark Dr., Lewisburg, TN; Clay Piplin- owner; Equitech LLC, 2341 Finley Beech Rd., Lewisburg, TN; Albert E. Williams – owner; Red Stag Contractors, LLC, 358 5th Ave. South, Baxter, TN; Shirley Maddux – owner; Goodin Construction Co., 107 Elm St., Cornersville, TN; Ross Goodin – owner; Ari Heating & Cooling, 2903 Hopkins Bridge Rd., Lewisburg, TN; Briana G. Mayes – owner; Hardin Paint and Remodeling, 770 Lakehill Circle, Lewisburg, TN; Jason G. Hardin – owner; C & G Flooring, 3131 Old Jarrell School Rd., Chapel Hill, TN ; Carlos Escobar – owner; Houghton Lawn Care, 724 Franklin Ave., Lewisburg, TN; Aaron Houghton – owner; Mid-Tennessee Liquidations, 724 Franklin Ave., Lewisburg, TN; Traci Houghton – owner; Crowder Fields, 2186 Mooresville Hwy., Lewisburg, TN; Linda S. Crowder – owner.


Wayne Allen Young vs. Krista Ann McIntosh

James Brandon Williams vs. Kala Michelle Wells Williams

Crystal Victoria Gonzalez vs. Juan Jose’ Gonzalez

Sherri Lynn Haley vs. David Anthony Haley

Sharon A. Ashworth vs. Michael S. Ashworth


Serrilla Hartley to Angelo Rene Reedy, Eastland Acres Revised S/D, Lots 16 PO & 17, Dist. 1, $147,450; Tad Hargrove to Kimberly Hargrove, Richardson Nathan Joel Survey, Lot 1, 9.18 Acres, Dist. 1, $0; J Harold Daniels Family Trust to The Twin Elms Co LLC, Horton Highway S/D, Sec. 1, Lot 1, .91 Acres, Dist. 1, $29,500; Estate of Bertie Lousie Ketchum to Rex A. & Sarah J. Richardson, Brents Rd. S/D, Lot 16, Dist. 3, $45,000; Successus LLC to Robin Haywood, Warners Ridge S/D, Lot 16, Dist. 1, $222,125; Danny W. & Alice M. Dorsey to Michael Schklar, Finley Beech Road, 5.67 Acres, Dist. 8, $85,000; Jared M. Richardson to Amy L. Sanford, Twin Caves S/D, Sec. 1, Lot 5, Dist. 2, $45,000; Tommy & Peggy Lawwell to Jacob & Michelle Silverthorn, Bingham S/D, Lot 3, Sec. 1, Dist. 3, $219,900; Hollie Perryman & Natalie Perryman to David & Christy Robinson, Greater Lewisburg Heights S/D, PO Lots 7-12, Dist. 3, $8,000; Ralph A. Chiocchio to Justin & Brandy Miller, Delina Rd., 19.19 Acres, Dist. 5, $87,000; Jake Henegar Cathey to Ashley Wiest, Holly Grove Estates, Sec. 3, Lot 100, Dist. 3, $148,000; Rufus Whaley, Evelyn Whaley, Brenda Kay Phifer, Roger Dale Phifer to Micah Dale Phifer & Felicia Amber Phifer, Phifer S/D, Lot 1, 2.17 Acres, Dist. 2, $5,100; Kyle Gugger to Connelly Group Inc., Chapel Woods at Walnut Hills, Lot 119, Dist. 1, $3000; Connelly Group Inc. to Japheth Jackson, Chapel Woods at Walnut Hills, Lot 119, Dist 1, $18,000; Brian McNeese to Brandy Bates, Village West, Sec. 2, Lot 43, Dist. 3, $96,000; Misti Jackson to Christopher Wright, Glengary S/D, Sec. A, Lot 9, Dist 3, $177,000; Donna Roberts to Charles E. Roberts, Jr., Saddle Creek Trails

PUD, Lot 14, Dist 8, $0.