Senior “ghosts” walk the halls during final week of school

Friday, May 26, 2017
School hallways remain empty as students leave for the long summer break, ready to recover from the school year.
By Adriana Pomatto

Graduation, a time where students and parents compress four years’ worth of memories into one magical night onto one blue cap. The class of 2017 experienced a new sense of liberation this week as the new graduates spread their wings and left high school forever.

The class of 2018 experienced a similar newfound freedom. As both classes entered a new rank, an aura of closeness and mutual respect blanketed the two classes. The class of 2017 graduated as the Senior Class of MCHS Friday, while the class of 2018 becomes the Senior Class of MCHS.

The week between graduation and the end of the year is like the witching hour, when the bridge between Man and Spirit is at its shortest. Newly graduated students resemble the ghosts of MCHS: you feel them but you cannot see them. The desks in which they sat are colder than the rest of the room, and their seats remain taken - like it would be unnatural for anyone to sit there.

The class of 2017 has left a mark on this school that is unforgettable. They have left an impression on the underclassmen and teachers who taught them. Underclassmen are often inspired by the senior class because seniors represent student leadership, liberation, and respect.

Marshall County’s last school days feel strange as one fourth of the school takes a step towards the next chapter in their life. The students who manage to finish the last days of school attend a facade, rather than their old high school.

The mirage that remains for the last week of school cannot remain, however, for the spot must be filled. As the seniors of 2017 leave, the Class of 2018 becomes the new student leaders.

The last year of high school is for students to leave their mark, and to inspire the younger classes to strive even harder. The Senior class passes a torch to the preceding grade after graduation, the new senior class advancing with the torch with hopes to brighten it.

When the next school year begins, there will be new upperclassmen. When that school year ends, there will be more new upperclassmen. The time will pass in MCHS and the ghosts will come and go – yet the torch will always stay lit.