Shots fired at garden-raiding horse leads to suspect’s arrest

Friday, June 2, 2017

Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Warner Road on May 16 after a report that a man had discharged a firearm in the direction of his neighbors.

Christopher Walls told deputies that he had seen his neighbors’ horse in his garden and he had gotten his 20-gauge shotgun and fired it in the direction of the horse, and toward his neighbors as well who were also outside.

Walls was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment and held on $2,000 bond.


• Lewisburg Police responded to Franklin Avenue on May 21 after reports of a female subject assaulting a male.

Officers encountered Heather Brannon, who had allegedly become angry over her cellphone being broken and began slapping and punching the male subject. The male left the trailer and went to a nearby playground, but Brannon reportedly followed him and assaulted him there as well.

Brannon was charged with domestic assault and held on $1,000 bond.


• Ray McCord was charged with aggravated domestic assault on May 18 after reportedly threatening his son-in-law with a knife.

According to the report, McCord became angry with the son-in-law as he was unloading items from a truck.

He approached the son-in-law with a knife that he had been using in the kitchen and pointed it in the direction of the son-in-law’s throat while telling him “I will f*** you up.”

McCord was held on $7,500 bond.

• On May 12, LPD reported that a Polaris Ranger that had been seized by the Tennessee Highway Patrol as part of a case had been stolen from the Lewisburg impound lot. The chain link fence had been cut during the previous evening and tire marks showed that the vehicle had been dragged out of the lot.

• MCSO deputies and LPD officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant at an apartment on 1st Avenue.

Questioning the residents about the person they were looking for, officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana on the residents.

They said that they had smoked earlier in the day but officers noted the smell was of unburned marijuana.

The male, Aaron Fitzgerald, agreed to be searched and the female produced, according to the report, a bag of marijuana from her bra, that both agreed belonged to Fitzgerald.

The residents consented to a search of the residence, where officers found a bong on a table in the living room and a white substance that field tested as cocaine cut into lines on a mirror in the kitchen.

Fitzgerald reportedly said that the drugs and paraphernalia were his for personal use.

He was charged with possession of a Schedule II drug, and possession of a Schedule VI drug. Bond was set at $18,000.

• Emily Pitt was charged with domestic assault after reportedly striking her ex-husband in the parking lot of Laws Hill Market.

The pair were arguing over a visitation issue.

Pitt, according to the report, also resisted deputies attempting to handcuff her after being told of her arrest, adding a resisting arrest charge as well.

Bond was set at $3,000.

• Deputies went to a residence on Lynnwood Avenue on May 14 to serve warrants on Dillion Stinnett for probation violation as well as warrants from Giles County for failure to appear.

A female who came to the door told deputies that Stinnett was not there and, when asked if they could look for themselves, she told them that they would need a search warrant.

At that time, deputies saw Stinnett leave a side door of the home where a Lewisburg Police officer detained him.

Patting Stinnett down, deputies found a used syringe and a straw containing a white residue in his pockets.

He was charged with possession of paraphernalia with a bond of $500. He was also given a $500 bond on the violation of probation charge.

He was held for Giles County on the warrants from that court.

• On May 13, deputies served warrants on Thomas Allen Parker for sale of a Schedule II drug and conspiracy to distribute a Schedule II drug. Bond was set at $40,000.

• Lewisburg Police responded to Marshall Street on May 23 after a report of a man yelling profanities. Officers found William Bess in an state of intoxication and yelling at neighbors. Bess was charged with public intoxication and held on $500 bond.

• Joshua Lankford was charged with two counts of domestic assault after a family dispute on May 15 on Glenn Avenue. He was held on $2,000 bond.

• Michael Burris was charged with domestic assault after an incident at his Azalee Lane residence on May 18. Bond was set at $1,000.

• On May 11, deputies met the Williamson County Sheriff’s office in Holts Corner to transfer Kristopher Clint Knecht.

Knecht had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear to serve 10 days in the county jail after a domestic assault conviction.

He was held on $1,000 bond.

• On May 21, LPD filed a report regarding a theft from Wal-Mart. A white female and black male had purchased a video game console and games with six counterfeit $100 bills.

• Thomas Griffin was charged with domestic assault and interference with a 911 call after an incident at his home on Holly Grove Road on May 21. Bond was set at $4,000.

• Rhonda Carriveau was charged with domestic assault on May 22 after an argument became physical. Bond was set at $1,000.