Russie Garrett celebrates her 100th birthday

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

By Patty Blackburn

Tribune staff

A sweet lady from Marshall County recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Russie Burrow Edwards Garrett was born in Farmington on June 6, 1917, to the late J. Paul Burrow and Margaret Elizabeth Cook Burrow. Russie is one of 11 children.

Russie was married 39 years to Julius C. “Dood” Edwards and they had one son, Willie. Later after Dood’s death, she married Thomas Garrett.

After 32 years of employment with Genesco, Russie keeps house and enjoys working in her yard as well as planting a garden. “I haven’t planted any seeds yet. The weather hasn’t been just right,” she replied when I asked how her garden was coming along. Willie said he bought the seeds that she asked for but she just hasn’t planted them yet.

Russie is blessed to have three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. One grandchild, along with Willie, took her out to eat for her birthday. She chose to go to Burger King. I asked her if she enjoyed her burger and she said, “Yes, but the fries were better.” The birthday lunch at Burger King wasn’t all that Russie received. Willie took her for a ride on his Honda Trike, a three-wheeled motorcycle. “This is the first time I have ever ridden anything like this and I am 100 today,” replied Russie before Willie backed out of the parking space and drove down the highway to take her on her first ride.

Happy Birthday Russie. I hope you enjoyed your day and your first trike ride.