Sound in a vacuum

Friday, June 9, 2017

Dear Heloise: Every time I VACUUMED, my dog would get on the bed and bark nonstop until I was done. My vet said it was due to the noise, which might hurt the dogís ears. I switched to a robotic vacuum, and my dog no longer barks, as the robotic vacuum makes much less noise. For anyone with a dog or cat who hates the vacuum, this might be the solution. -- AnnMarie D., Provo, Utah

AnnMarie, I use a robotic vacuum, too, and my dogs barely notice that the floors are being vacuumed. -- Heloise



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Dear Heloise: As an airline employee, here are a few suggestions to avoid hassles on a flight:

* Please follow the instructions issued by the crew. If youíre told to turn off your cellphone or buckle your seat belt, do it.

* Please keep your shoes on your feet. In case of an emergency, you may need to evacuate quickly.

* Donít be disruptive. Yelling, fighting or causing a disturbance will not be tolerated. This includes children who will not stay in their seats.

* Donít wear provocative clothing. If in doubt, cover up.-- P.W. in Houston


Dear Heloise: Want to keep deer out of your garden? Just plant mint every foot or so, and itíll keep them away. They donít like the taste or the smell. -- Marty J., Bristol, Conn.



Dear Heloise: I always worry about using chemicals in my yard because I have young children. When I found fire-ant mounds in my yard (and got several nasty bites), I researched ways to get rid of them without using pesticides. Now I pour a gallon of very hot water down the center of the ant nest. Sometimes I have to repeat this process. -- Diana A., Denison, Texas


Dear Heloise: When people walk their dogs, I noticed that a lot of people tug at their dogís lead, shout at the dog to move along, and Iíve seen a few callous folk use their foot to push the dog. Thereís no need for this. Dogs are curious and love to sniff all the scents and odors on their walks, so take your time when walking them. After all, itís their walk. -- Ada F., Ocean Park, Maine


Dear Heloise: Tacos from that favorite takeout restaurant never make it home without getting soggy! My cure? Keep a box of crunchy taco shells on hand, and unwrap the ďsoggyĒ taco and place it inside a fresh, crunchy taco shell. -- Diane S., Milford, Pa.


Dear Readers: Did you know that blueberries:

* Are a relative of camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and heather?

* Have more antioxidants than most other fruits and vegetables?

* Are native to North America?-- Heloise

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