A time to mourn local teen

Friday, June 9, 2017

As the Editor of this newspaper it is pretty easy to figure out what to publish each week. The most difficult decisions come when deciding what NOT to publish.

Someone on the Tribune staff has a police band scanner within earshot most of the time, and we can obviously hear an ambulance, police car or fire truck when it comes blaring past. That was the case Tuesday evening when 15-year-old Bryan Giles from Cornersville accidentally electrocuted himself and died from his injuries.

Newspapers have earned a reputation for scratching, clawing and digging into people’s lives when something “newsworthy” happens. I have lost track of the number of phone calls received by Tribune staff, as well as our typical news sources, recounting all of the details of this tragedy.

That’s not going to happen this time.

It is a time to mourn.

Our hearts, prayers and sympathies go out to the Giles family and Bryan’s friends. Please find the details of Bryan’s memorial services Friday and Saturday on page 2.