Stevenson gets maximum - 25 years for attempted murder

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A man convicted of attempted murder was sentenced Friday to 25 years in jail. He will also serve an additional two years on a reckless endanerment conviction.

Circuit Court Judge Lee Russell sentenced James Dominic Stevenson to the maximum possible for the September 5, 2015, shooting of his ex-girlfriend.

A jury found Stevenson guilty on five charges, including first degree attempted murder, after an April trial.

Stevenson shot Dixie Mathews, 21 at the time, in her car on Old Columbia Road. At the time of the incident, Mathews was pregnant and had her young child in the car with her as well.

Mathews was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center in critical condition to undergo surgery.

She recovered and neither the unborn child nor the toddler were harmed in the incident.

Stevenson turned himself in to the Lewisburg Police on September 9 after warrants were issued for his arrest.

Russell found that Stevenson’s history of four assault and one aggravated assault convictions between 2004 and 2015 warranted, among other factors, the maximum sentence allowed by law.

The 25-year sentence for the A class felony will be served at 100 percent.

The jury convicted Stevenson of two counts of aggravated assault and assault with bodily injury as well, although, since those charges were determined to have occurred in the same event to the same victim, they were merged into the attempted murder count for sentencing.

The reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon charge remained separate, Mathews’ toddler in the car with her being the victim.

Russell also gave the maximum allowed on the charge, an additional two years to be served consecutively after the attempted murder sentence.