Shots fired in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The sound of gunfire shattered the normally quiet evening on Thursday in Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Police officers responded to the 500 block of Depot Street in town after reports of shots fired around 9:30 p.m., June 8,

Other phone calls from residents led officers to an injured man nearby on Biggers Street.

Officers initially thought that the blood-covered man, who has not yet been identified by CHPD pending closure of the investigation, had been the victim of a shooting.

The subject was transferred to hospital in Nashville by helicopter where it was discovered that he had not, in fact, been shot changing the direction of the investigation.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Andrew Kon said that the investigation has not yet been closed due to the initial uncertainty over what had occurred at the scene, although the department should have the incident wrapped up soon.

Kon also said that the changing situation during the evening made it difficult for the department to issue an all-clear.

CHPD has access to the county’s Code Red system whereby a reverse 911 call can be made to let residents know that there is no longer any danger.

Kon didn’t want to issue inaccurate information to the public, however, and the initial uncertainty about what exactly had occurred delayed any use of the system.

“If there was a threat to public safety we would have made a call,” Kon said.