MCHS starts Lunch and Learn!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
High school students use their lunch break to learn from area business professionals and find new mentors.

On April 6, Marshall County High School hosted its first monthly Lunch and Learn.

We started the program to give our students opportunities to gain insights into different careers without having to interrupt class time or ask them to come back at night. Students get their lunches to go from the cafeteria and bring them to the library where guests speak on various careers while they eat.

With jobs in the health science industry in demand in our area, speakers from three health science fields were invited to present. Kelly Thomas, a nurse from Marshall Medical, Dr. Denise Werner from the Marshall County Health Department, and Bob Phillips from H&S Pharmacy were very informative in sharing their experiences, education, and advice with our students.

May 15 was our second Lunch and Learn, and the topic was Engineering. We were fortunate to have Bill Carter, from Northrup Grumman, Ryan Longchamps, from the University of Alabama Huntsville, and Susan Taylor, from Kasai-North America speak to our students about career opportunities, experiences, and education related to engineering. MCHS is honored to have our community members share with our students and is looking forward to more Lunch and Learn sessions in the fall!