Library Memorials May 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

“New Complete Guide to Sewing”; given by Henry & Pat Dowlen.

Braden, Donnie

“Herman’s Vacation”, “Do Princesses and Super Heroes Hit the Trails?” and “The Missing Grizzly Cubs”; given by Marshall County Chiropractic.

Bradford, Granny Annie Mae (Claxton)

“The Essential Book of Homesteading”, and “Sew Home”; given by Debra & Samuel Sands and Kinsey Bass.

Hazlett, Jean Dodson

“A Square Meal”; given by MCHS Class of 1962.

Kaiser, Arthur

“Peppermint Patty Goes to Camp”, “I Will Love You Anyway”, and “Lola Gets a Cat”, given by Marshall County Chiropractic.

May, Charles A.

“Feathers & Hair” and “The Life We Bury”; given by MCHS Class of 1962.

Stegall, Polly Gipson

“Alchemy of Herbs”; given by MCHS Class of 1962.

Tindell, Frances

“Yellow Time”; given by Dawn Barron.

Zappia, Anne

“Crocheted Sea Creatures”; given by Susan and Laura Sellars.


Reece, Crystal

“Harvest”; given by Rachel Wiest.

Powers, Morgan

“I Dissent”; given by Rachel Wiest.


Donation to the Book Fund; given anonymously.

Donation to the Summer Reading Program given by the following: Don & Betsye Ledford, CB & S Bank, Nichirin Tennessee Inc., Sweet CeCe’s.


Donation of Books on Tape, Encyclopedias, Hardback Books, Magazines, Paperback Books, Videos, Music CDs and DVDs were given by the following:

Rose Adam, Dawn Barron, Melissa Goins, Donald McKinney, Donna Mussaw, Janet Sharp, Dr. Dennis Sigman, and Betty Woods.