Public Records

Friday, June 23, 2017


James David Bowen to Teresa Powell Casteel; David Eugene Crosby, Sr. to Chrystal Rena Hennessey; Rebecca Dawn Cates to Andrew Joshua Endsley; William Scott Johnson to Shyanne Hunter Heath; John Timothy Long to Sheryl Lynn Johnson Mosley; James Bradford Lowry to Melissa Jill Sawyer Surratt; William Dusty Nance to Irina Katherine Searle; Paul Stephen Sanders, Jr. to Bridgette Amanda Elmore; Andrew Charles Smith to Emily Caroline Bell.


Cody Shane Harmon vs. Amy Marie Harmon; Christine Anderson vs. Brandon Wade Anderson; Angel Mashell Naomi Farrar vs. Donnie Joshua Farrar; Tammy Lynn Campbell vs. Warren William Campbell; Andrea R. Bradford vs. Stephen Harless Bradford


King Landscaping, 2124 Derrick Rd., Chapel Hill, TN- owner Austin R. Reyes; RKMA Footings LLC, 290 Tarpley Ave., Cornersville, TN-owner Richard A. Bonovitch; Hayward Baker, Inc., 7550 Teague Rd., Ste 300, Hanover, MD-owner Eric Drooff; Don Wood Plumbing Co., Inc., 130 Alpha Dr., Franklin, TN-owner Donald W. Wood; Jeff Lyster Construction, 7270 Dollar Rd., Trussville, AL-owner Jeff Lyster.


Andre & Barbara Pitt to Michael & Shaylene King, Joyce Avenue, $255,000; Jeffrey W. Moore to Carey C. Gower, Jr., Highway 99, 1.0 Acres, Dist. 1, $42,500; Connelly Group Inc. to Chris Russell, Chapel Woods Sec. II Revised, Lot 2, Dist. 1, $25,000; Rachel Hamatani to Pedro & Suzanne Delgado, Broadview Avenue, 1.43 Acres, Bells Bigger Addition, Lot 8 PO, $155,000; Successus LLC to Cory Davis, Warners Ridge, Lot 48, Dist. 1, $198,800; Norman Marshall Childress, Kathi Jo Martin Atty in Fact, Kathleen Elizabeth Childress Beard to Alfonso & Naomi Araus, Commerce Street, 3.99 Acres & 2.57 Acres, Dist. 3, $59,000; Sally Erner & Lavanda Weir to Charles Bassham, Liberty Valley Road, 5.003 Acres, Dist. 1, $42,400; Freddy G. & Mary E. Ellis to Keith & Linda Clift, Village West, Sec. 2, Lot 25, Dist. 3, $85,000; Ryan Perryman to Eric Griffin, Limestone Avenue, Dist. 3, $36,000; Matthew Leonard Hobby to Jacqueline A. Hobby, Mooresville Road, 5.01 Acres, Dist. 7, $0; Robert W. & Barbara Poplin McAdams to Keith & Linda Clift, Hickman S/D, Lot 3 & Lot 4, Dist. 3, $63,000; Nathan Cathey to Matthew W. Nelson, Duncanwood Hills S/D, Sec. 1, Lot 29, Dist. 3, $192,000; Rex Richardson to Gordon Hayden, Verona Road, Dist. 2, $72,000; Thomas W. Stephens to Jesse T. Quirion & Allison M. Deberard, Simpson Lane, 13.15 Acres, Dist. 1, $120,000; Frank Donelson & Julia A. Osteen to Joseph Daniel & Cheryl J. Hart, River Glen Drive, 16.34 Acres, Dist. 1, $55,000; Barbara Kyle to Perryman Investments LLC, Gordon Heights Addition, Lot 8, Dist 3, $17,500; Lane Allen, Jr. to Leslie R. Woodward & Chad Woodward, Murray & Ragsdale Addition, Lot 95 PO & Lot 96, Dist. 3, $22,000; Thomas Scott Dodson & Kyle Clark to Justin W. & Tracy L. Brewer, Warners Ridge, Lot 89, Dist. 1, $209,900; Richard Brent Howes & Jennifer Vaughn Howes to Aaron L. & Esther I. Pitts, Hwy. 31A, Dist. 3, $212,000; James W. & Sandra H. Wolaver to Jason Lee Wolaver, Terry Lane, .92 Acres, & 5.31 Acres, Dist. 4, $125,000; Vision Homes LLC to Nathan A. & Linda E. Smith, Ogilvie Farms, Lot 4B, 2.21 Acres, Dist. 1, $282,500; Dennis Levitt to Phillip & Muriel Morgan, Hwy 431 5 Acres, Dist. 5, $55,000; Barry L. Marston Ind & Atty in Fact, Ashley Sweeney, Seth Daniel Sweeney to Daniel S. Brown & Robin L. Stephens, Forrest Fields S/D, Lot 22, $157,500; William Lee Comstock to James Cleveland & Kimber Lee Harrell, William Lee Comstock Property, Lot 2, 2.66 Acres, Dist. 1, $16,000; Jason W. & Gloria E. Richardson to Benjamin & Laurel Hathaway, Dodson S/D, Sec. 2, Lot 15, $128,000.