County approves Oks budget

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The County Commission moved quickly through the 14 resolutions it faced on Monday, all of which the legislative body passed unanimously.

Commissioners accepted the new county’s new tax rate of $ 2.7617 per $100 of assessed value on property, decreasing from the previous $3.22 rate.

The lower rate is dictated by the state after this year’s county-wide reappraisal process that saw property values in the county increase from just over $550 million in 2016 to just under $650 million for this year.

Revenue during a reappraisal year must equal the previous year’s total according to state law.

Of the $2.76, $1.38 is earmarked for Marshall County Schools. The general fund receives $.90, debt service gets 22 cents, the other capital projects fund receives 19 cents, and the highway fund gets 7 cents.

Commissioners also approved the county’s budget for the next fiscal year, beginning on July 1.

General fund expenditures for the coming year are estimated to run $14.9 million.

The general service school fund budget is $43.5 million. The school system is projecting a $28.3 million disbursement from the state as part of that funding.

The highway fund budget for the year is $4.2 million, and $4.3 million is earmarked for debt service.

The only question regarding the budget came from Commissioner Toby Adams who questioned the final appropriation for the Sheriff’s Office.

Budget Committee Chairman Tony Beyer said that the committee had partially funded the recommendation from the law enforcement committee to add additional road and correctional officers but wanted to wait until later in the year to see how annual revenues were trending before revisiting funding more positions.

Sheriff Billy Lamb said that this year’s budget added two deputy positions for service on the road as well as two additional correctional officers. Lamb added that his office was in the process of interviewing applicants for four vacant deputy positions.

“Of course we could use more, but everybody could use more,” said Lamb.

Commissioners authorized the budget office to move adequate facilities tax revenues over $300,000 into the highway fund.

Previously, any revenue over this mark was slated to go into the general fund, but the commission chose this year to move the overage into the highway fund as part of a resolution increasing the adequate facility tax on new construction in the county.

The first $300,000 is dedicated to debt service for the Board of Public Utilities, the county water utility.

Initial projections estimated the fund would reach approximately $337,000 this year but latest estimates place the figure closer to $360,000.

This year marks the first year since it was implemented that collections have reached the $300,000 mark.

Director of Accounts and Budget Malinda White introduced Angela Desai to the commission.

Desai started June 1 as the county’s first human resources director.

She came to the county from Ibex Global in Spring Hill and has years of experience in human resource departments at both large private sector businesses as well as public sector experience with a large school system in Ohio.

In addition to human resource certifications, Desai also holds a Masters Degree specializing in business leadership and human resource management.

Desai told the commission that she was already well into the process of developing policies and training programs, among other human resource needs, in support of county government

“Whatever I can do for you, that’s what I’m here for.” Desai told the commission.

“It’s good to be here,” she added. “There’s a lot to be done.”