Loss + Loss + Loss = Losers

Monday, July 3, 2017

By Phil Valentine

The tide seems to be turning. It shouldn’t come as any big surprise. No matter how villainous you make a character, if you beat up on him long enough he’s bound to garner sympathy. What has greatly aided President Trump is, after nearly a year of the non-stop media drumbeat of Russian collusion, there’s still nothing there.

A recent Harvard-Harris poll reveals that 64 percent of voters believe the Russia investigation is hurting the country. Fixty-six percent say it’s time for Congress and the media to let it go.

Then there’s the bogus CNN story that tried to tie a Trump advisor to a Russian bank. Their anonymous source was completely bogus, and they were forced to retract the story and offer an apology to the aggrieved advisor. A day later, three reporters involved in the story were forced to resign.

And now we learn from an investigative report on the website Circa.com that back in 2014, Mike Flynn intervened on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent at the FBI who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination. This could be why the FBI has been going so strongly after Flynn. The FBI tried to block Flynn’s support of the agent by pressuring a federal administrative law judge into preventing Flynn from becoming a witness. What better way to discredit a potential witness in a sexual discrimination suit than to tie him to a bogus Russia scandal?

Trump scored big when the Supreme Court allowed the bulk of his travel ban to proceed while the matter awaits the court’s decision in the fall. He’s rounding up and deporting massive amounts of criminal illegals who terrorize America’s neighborhoods. The stock market keeps hitting record highs. Unemployment reaches new lows.

As much as the Democrats want to keep Obamacare on life support, that patient is terminal. Congress is poised to pull the plug and remake a healthcare bill in Trump’s image. Tax reform, which appeared to be a pipe dream just weeks ago, now looks doable this year.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been reduced to blithering basket cases, crying whenever they can find a microphone that “hundreds of thousands of Americans will die if we pass this bill.”

The American people are starting to see Donald Trump in a whole new light. They’re beginning to understand that the “witch hunt,” as he’s called it, is just that. In fact, the Mueller investigation may swerve off-road into obstruction by Loretta Lynch and massive unlawful unmasking of American citizens by the Obama administration.

What a shame it will be when America looks back at the end of this year only to realize that the Trump/Russia collusion was a complete fabrication by the disgruntled losers of a presidential election. The untold millions of dollars that will have been wasted. The precious months spent on nothing more than a campaign slogan by a failed candidate.

As each day passes, it becomes more and more obvious not only why Trump fired James Comey, but how he had no choice. Comey knew there was no investigation of Trump, yet he refused to lift the cloud that was crippling his presidency.

It remains to be seen if Special Counsel Robert Mueller will carry out his investigation in an evenhanded way. If it comes to a swift end, we’ll know he has. If it drags on, it can only mean one of two things. Either Mueller is in collusion with FBI officials trying to save their skins, or it ain’t looking good for the Democrats.

©Philip Carr “Phil” Valentine