Man pulls knife after running over six signs

Monday, July 3, 2017

From staff reports

Quick action by Lewisburg K9 Corporal Shaun Crawford prevented a much more serious incident on June 18.

According to the police report, Kenneth Byrd charged at Crawford with a knife in his hand, before Crawford deployed his taser and subdued Byrd.


The incident began after LPD was called after a report of a vehicle driving through a yard on Titan Way and Holly Grove Road and running over the stop sign at that intersection.

Officers discovered that other road signs along Holly Grove Road, as well as at the intersection of Titan Way and Patrick Drive had been run over also.

Crawford reported that the sign at Marshall Street and 6th Avenue had been similarly damaged.


At that time, dispatch alerted officers of a report of an intoxicated male on Marshall Street, armed with a knife, who was reportedly trying to fight people, and had broken a car windshield.

Crawford was the first officer on the scene and found Byrd inside the home at 822 Marshall Street.

Crawford ordered Byrd to drop the knife he was holding. Byrd instead charged at Crawford, who fired his taser into Byrd’s chest, bringing him to the ground.


After several commands to place his hands behind his back, Byrd was finally placed in handcuffs, after which he appeared to have a seizure.

Emergency Medical Services treated Byrd, who after recovering, was noted to have a strong smell of alcohol about him as well as slurred speech.

Officers interviewed three witnesses who had been following Byrd after they noticed him leaving the roadway and running over the street signs.

The three witnesses also said that they had seen Byrd in a physical altercation with a woman, identified as his girlfriend, choking her until the witnesses said that they could hear her gasping for air.

Byrd was charged with aggravated assault on an officer, aggravated domestic assault, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, vandalism of the six street signs found damaged, vandalism for the car windshield that he also broke, and resisting arrest. A warrant for probation violation was also served later at the jail.

Bond was set at $21,500.

• On June 17, Lewisburg Police foiled an attempted kidnapping attempt by a non-custodial parent.

Officers responded to Heil Quaker Avenue, after a 911 call stating that a child had been taken in a vehicle that then headed in the direction of the interstate.

At the scene, officers found a confused scene with several people arguing.

Once calmed, witnesses told officers that three women had arrived at the residence and had pulled a child out of the front yard and into the car.

Some said they attempted to pull the child away from the women before the car drove away.

One witness told officers that they heard the eight-year-old child say that he did not want to go.

The child’s father told officers that the child’s mother, along with several of her family, had driven from Michigan in order to take the child.

He produced court papers from Davidson County that granted him emergency custody of the child and also established sole guardianship of the child for the past year.

Crystal Cheney, the child’s mother, had driven away from the scene with the child in a rental car.

Chaney’s daughter, Brianna Mallia, and mother, Lynnette Chaney-Curry, remained at the scene.

Told to call her mother to return to the scene, Mallia made what officers believed to be intentionally unsuccessful attempts to contact her mother.

Officers advised Mallia that an Amber Alert would be issued if Chaney did not return immediately with the child.

She returned with the child, claiming custody papers of her own. Officers examined the document that she produced, but it only established that she and the father were the child’s parents, not who had custody.

Determining that the father did have sole custodial rights, LPD determined that the three women had made a deliberate attempt to unlawfully take the child.

They each were charged with kidnapping and each held on $30,000 bond.

• An attempted snatch and run didn’t work out as planned on the square in Lewisburg on June 17.

Bryan S. Davis approached a customer leaving Parson’s Pharmacy to ask to borrow a lighter.

He then grabbed the woman’s prescription that she had just filled and ran.

Two cadets in training with the Tennessee Highway Patrol witnessed the event and gave chase, capturing Davis behind the Courthouse Annex.

Davis was charged with theft and held on $2,000 bond.

• LPD responded to the Wal-Mart parking lot on June 16 after a witness reported seeing a man slashing the tires on a vehicle.

The witness and a store employee showed officers a photo of the suspect, who the victim identified as a former boyfriend, Clinton Graves.

She said that Graves had threatened her earlier in the day, during a dispute in Cornersville.

Officers searched the area, detaining Graves on War Eagle Drive. According to the report, he admitted slashing all four tires of the vehicle.

Graves was charged with vandalism and held on $2,500 bond.

• On June 19, LPD responded to a report of an impaired driver at the drive through at Burger King on Ellington Parkway.

Officers found Stephen Tidwell unsteady, slurring, and smelling of alcohol.

Tidwell refused field sobriety tests and also refused to take a blood or breath test for blood alcohol levels, claiming according to the report that he would not pass them anyway.

According to officers, Tidwell admitted, several times, to three alcoholic drinks before heading to the restaurant.

He was charged with driving under the influence and violation of the implied consent law.

Bond was set at $1,500.