Two attempted burglaries thwarted

Friday, July 7, 2017

• On Wednesday June 28, Officer Dean of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a call from Bear Creek Church regarding vandalism to the church. The owner of the church, Mary Lynn Berlin, showed Dean photos that were taken the day the incident happened. One photo showed a young male with blonde hair, driving a white Toyota Solara with a Maury County license plate #P98-90B around 5:20 p.m. When Berlin approached the vehicle, it drove away through a cemetery.

Before entering the church, Dean noticed an obvious “No Trespassing” sign posted in plain view. Once inside the church, Dean was told that one of the 150-year-old pews had been moved to the iron padlocked gates and damaged. She stated that the pew was not there earlier in the day when she passed by and looked at the church. Other pews were moved to the windows. The pews are valued at $1,000 and most had been damaged by the vandals. Berlin also told Dean that three etched windows valued at $1,500 and five regular windows valued at $750, had been severely damaged by breakage.

• On June 28, Officer Mattison and Officer Martin were dispatched to Spring Place Road for an attempted burglary call. When officers arrived, they spoke to Laura Rowland who advised the two officers that she had left her son at home at around 7:30 p.m. When she arrived back home, she noticed that her front porch screen door had been opened as well as an unscrewed board that covered her window. The window had been boarded up due to being cracked. Rowland told officers that her China cabinet had been pushed forward, knocking two coloring books and pencils to the floor in the kitchen. There was no actual damage to the home. She stated that her dogs would not allow just anyone to enter her home.

• On June 21, Officer Jonathon Cole responded to a home on Buchanan Street in regards to theft of property. Cole made contact with Amanda Jenkins who stated she was keeping an eye on the property for her father. When her father came back to the home to retrieve his tiller from the backyard, it was missing. Jenkins told officers that it had been two weeks since her father and her had seen the tiller. Her father stated that the tiller was old, but valued at $150.

• Sometime between June 25 and June 26, a red trailer with approximately 40 junk tires and a set of aluminum ramps were stolen from Brown’s Tires at 3385 Nashville Highway in Lewisburg. The trailer had a new spare tire mounted on its front as well as a wooden floor. Chris Brown reported to Officer Stanford, who responded to the call, he saw the trailer around 6 p.m. on the evening of June 25. Brown stated that the trailer had been chained down securely when he last saw it. Brown estimates that the trailer, ramps included, was worth around $2,350. The tires, however, were worthless.

• On June 26, the Sheriff’s Department received a call from a woman in reference to her husband, Benford Maddox. Deputy Eulita Cozart contacted the woman who advised that she had an active order of protection against Maddox, but had allowed him to move back in few months ago. She told Cozart that her husband admitted to drug use and started drinking alcohol excessively again while she was out of town. She ordered her husband to be out of their home by the time she returned, but he refused. Cozart advised the woman that if she returned home prior to her arriving, and Maddox started any trouble, to call 911 immediately. Maddox was placed under arrest for violation of order of protection. Maddox was given no bond.

• On June 29, a woman came into the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to speak with an officer about an almost life-threatening altercation between her and her step-brother. The incident began with her step-brother, Clifford Short, saying his horse had been injured by what he thought was the victim’s dog. Short said he was going to shoot the dog for the injuries caused to the horse. The woman told Short that she did not think a dog was responsible for the horse’s injuries. According to the arrest report, Short, then, stated that he was going to shoot the woman. He made the threat and she immediately felt in fear of her safety as well as the safety of her niece. Short was arrested for domestic assault with bond set at $1,000.

• On June 30, Deputy Martin along with Deputy Mattison responded to a call from Hoyte Ledford Road for a domestic disturbance. The officers observed a woman running out onto the poach. She told the officers that her husband, Joshua Ledford, had struck her in the chest and pushed her, as well as punched her in the stomach. She believed the punch had caused her to miscarry a pregnancy. Officer Martin noticed a bruise on her right breast and scratches on the left side of her chest. When officers went to speak with Ledford, he told them that he would not write a statement. “She is crazy and making all of this up,” stated Ledford. Martin spoke with Ledford’s father, Henry Ledford, who said that he was in bed and did not witness anything. Officers discovered that Joshua Ledford did have active bond conditions out of Rutherford County with his wife being the protected party. The officers placed Ledford under arrest. Ledford, however, resisted, pulling away and wrestling with both officers. He was finally handcuffed. Ledford was charged with domestic assault, resisting stop, halt, frisk, and violation of order of protection. His bond has not been set. -- Compiled by Veronica Kanka.