Changes coming in AEDC quota hunt

Friday, July 14, 2017

NASHVILLE -- The application period for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency annual fall quota hunts is open with a deadline of July 26 to apply for the upcoming 2017 Quota Deer hunts.

Hunters who enjoy participating in the AEDC quota hunts need to be aware of some slight changes in this year’s drawing of the 900 quota permits on AEDC.

In years past, permits were Unit specific, with Units 1 and 2 having a quota of 100 and 200 permits and then Units 3, 4, 5, and 6 receiving the remaining 600 permits. Left over permits for Units 1 and 2 were allocated on a first come first served permit buying process held in mid-October. This was an effort to accommodate the TN Army National Guard training schedule at AEDC.

In order to streamline and simplify AEDC’s 2017 drawing process, hunters will now be drawing for all of AEDC and the permits will NOT be Unit specific. A hunter who draws one of the 900 permits will now have the option to choose any unit that is open on the day of the hunt. If a Unit is closed there will be signage at the sign-in stations and the gates to that Unit will be closed.

Under this new plan there will be no left over permit sales taking place in October. Hunters who want to participate in the AEDC quota deer hunts are encouraged to apply for the hunt before the July 26 deadline.

Anyone wanting to apply for one of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Quota hunts can go online at and search quota hunt. Again, the application period deadline is July 26.