Marshall County residents receive collegiate honors

Friday, July 14, 2017

With the conclusion of each semester, colleges announce students who have been placed on the Deanís List for their academic success.

The Deanís List comprises full-time students who achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher, with no grades marked as ďFĒ or ďincomplete.Ē Presidentís List honors typically go to students earning a 4.0 grade point average.

Martin Methodist College

Presidentís List (4.0)

Wendi Clark (Lewisburg)

Daniel Haislip (Lewisburg)

Ashley Kidroske (Lewisburg)

Hannah Phifer (Lewisburg)

Mary Taylor (Lewisburg)

Deanís List

Hannah Cashion (Belfast)

Victoria Golembieski (Lewisburg)

McKenzie Gower (Lewisburg)

Corey Hutto (Cornersville)

Tiffany McCord (Lewisburg)

Morgan Moyers (Lewisburg)

Jessica Richardson (Belfast)

Brittany Umbles (Cornersville)

Columbia State Comm. College

Presidentís List (4.0)

Alexandria Bennett (Chapel Hill)

Erin Morris (Cornersville)

Joshua Burgess (Lewisburg)

Kimberly Waters (Lewisburg)

Columbia State Comm. College

Deanís List

Andie Strasser (Chapel Hill)

Andrew Rogers (Lewisburg)

Anthony Cordova (Lewisburg)

Anthony Shaneyfelt (Lewisburg)

Brooke Holt (Lewisburg)

Cannon Curtis (Chapel Hill)

Chance Dyer (Cornersville)

Christal McClure (Lewisburg)

Christian Guzman (Lewisburg)

Christopher Evans (Lewisburg)

Courtney Runk (Chapel Hill)

Dakota Brooks (Lewisburg)

Derrick Fowler (Lewisburg)

Dhruvi Patel (Lewisburg)

Dontorian Gillum (Lewisburg)

Kelli Lanier (Lewisburg)

Kelsey Fletcher (Chapel Hill)

Kiyoko Puca (Lewisburg)

Kolby Holmes (Chapel Hill)

Mariolive Landon (Lewisburg)

Marisol Bishop (Lewisburg)

Rachel St.Clair (Lewisburg)

Reagan Childers (Chapel Hill)

Scarlett King (Cornersville)

Tanner Bush (Chapel Hill)

Timothy Jones (Lewisburg)

Wallace Leonard (Chapel Hill)

William Edmonson (Chapel Hill)

Zachary Smith (Lewisburg)

East Tennessee State University

Deanís List

Alexandrea Lefler (Chapel Hill)

Briana Clary; Emilee Sharp (Culleoka)



Deanís List

Logan Kouba (Lewisburg)

Bethel University Honor Roll

Kelsey Scheffler (Chapel Hill)

University of North Georgia

Presidentís List

Haley Norman (Cornersville)

Samford University

Deanís List

Maria Martino (Chapel Hill)

Athens State

University (AL)

Presidentís List

Sara Fowler (Lewisburg)

Maryville College (TN)

Deanís List

Dalton Beard