Food fight leads to domestic assault charge

Friday, July 14, 2017

• On July 2, Officer Justin Gaines responded to a call on Saddle Wood Dr. in reference to a possible domestic assault taking place. Gaines made contact with the victim, a woman, who stated that she had been very distressed since her uncle had taken his own life three months ago. The woman let Gaines know that she had made her husband, Curtis Pfenning, angry after making the comment “maybe I should shoot myself like my uncle did” while preparing a sandwich for him. Pfenning is reported to have lost his temper and threw the sandwhich at her as well as her laptop to the floor. Then, Pfenning slapped his wife in the face. When Officer Gaines confronted Pfenning, he stated that he was very upset that his wife would make a comment about her committing suicide as well as throwing the sandwhich she made him at her. Gaines placed Pfenning under arrest for domestic assault. Pfenning requested that his wallet and its contents be left with his wife. His bond was set at $2,000.

• Police K9, Iwan, alerted officers to strong and suspicious smells on June 29. Officer Shaun Crawford stopped a vehicle travelling at 45 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. Crawford made contact with the driver, Joshua Jett, and could smell a strong odor of marijuana eminating from the car. Crawford asked Jett if there werre any drugs in the vehicle, but Jett replied “No.” Crawford left to get his K9, Iwan, from his patrol car to invesitgate the vehicle. Upon removing Jett from the vehicle, Iwan did what he does best and successfully led Crawdford to find marijuana on Jett as well as several oxycodone pills. Jett was taken into custody and charged with simple possession of schedule VI and simple possession II. Jett’s bond was set at $1,500.

• Deputy Brumit was dispached to Bear Creek Road in Culleoka on June 30 in regards to an unruly male screaming and cursing. Once on the scene, Brumit spoke to Peter Sparks who was holding a child’s bicycle. Sparks had been yelling at his mother regarding the bicycle and the children who lived at the home as well. It took several requests on Brumit’s part to calm Sparks down to dicsuss matters. Brumit could smell a strong odor of alcohol on Sparks’s person. Brumit asked Sparks if he had been drinking and he said he had been alone with “smoking weed.” Sparks began cursing at his mother and sister while talking with Brumit. Brumit asked Sparks why he had been yelling at his mother and why he was so upset and he replied, “These kids around here don’t have any discipline.” He was referring to his nieces and nephews. Sparks stated that he had come home drunk and decided to move his motorcycle and that the children had left a bicycle out causing him to crash. Sparks had injured his left foot and said he believed he had broken it. Brumit told Sparks that he would have an EMS come look at his foot, but when EMS arrived and decided that it would be best to take him to the hospital, Sparks ran off and was shortly caught by officers. Sparks was charged with evading arrest, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication and given a $2,000 bond.


• On July 3, Officer Christopher Stalings initiated a traffic stop on Water Street in reference to reckless driving. The subject was witnessed accelerating at high rates of speed as well as purposely spinning his tires. Stallings conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Once Stallings made contact with the driver inside the vehicle, he noticed a beer can in the driver’s side cup holder as well as a passenger with a beer in his hand. The driver was identified as Timothy Seisser and the passenger was identified as Stephen Vercande. Seisser was asked to complete, and passed, a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. Seisser did admit to drinking three beers prior to getting behind the wheel. Seisser was given a citation of Reckless Endangerment. The passenger, Stephen Vercande, was also issued a citation for having an opened container of alcohol in the vehicle.

• On July 3, Rickey Sullivan came to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to report a theft of property. Sullivan stated that he had two firearms missing from his barn at his home in Lewisburg. One was a One Glock Model 30 handgun and the other was a Greener Mark 312GA shotgun. The combined value of the guns was estimated at $800. The guns were taken between April 1, 2017 and June 28, 2017.

• “Man with Many Names” charged with Criminal Impersonation on July 3. Officer Christopher Stallings along with Officer Taylor Schoenberger were called to Buena Vista Street in reference to an intoxicated male. When officers made contact with the man, he could hardly stand upright, slurring his words as he tried. The man was identified as Darrell Gibson and he was found in the backyard of a home he did not have any afiliation to. When Stallings ran the information Gibson provided him, Dispatch could not find any record of the name. Once Stallings asked another time for the man’s name, he then stated he was Darrell Cates, but the information from dispatch again came back as unnkown. Finally, after being arrested, the man correctly identified himself as Shane Chatman. Chatman has two active warrants from the City of Lewisburg, as well as another warrant out of Maury County. Chatman was charged with criminal impersonation as well as public intoxication. His bond was set at $4,500.


• On July 4, Officer Taylor Schoenberger responded to the Lewisburg Walmart regarding a possible intoxicatied driver. An individual described to Schoenberger that a male subject had been driving a white Land Rover around the Walmart parking lot. The driver of the Land Rover was identified as Jonathon Cheek. When Schoenberger exited his vehicle to talk to the Cheek, Cheek left his vehicle as well to speak to Schoenberger. Cheek was unsteady and had a very apparent slurred speech. Schoenberger asked Cheek if he had any alcohol before operating his vehicle and he replied with having a beer a few hours before driving. Schoenberger asked Cheek to perform a standardized field sobriety test. Cheek, however failed the test due to loss of balance, improper turns and using his arms to keep himself steady. Cheek was asked to balance himself on one leg, but could not keep his leg straight due to his heavy intoxication. When Cheek was asked to complete the alphabet from letters “D” through “V”, he could only recite “D,G,F,and V”. Cheek was arrested and charged with DUI 2nd with a bond of $1,000.