Summer swelter leads to stolen AC, burglaries rise

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

• On July 9, Officer Gentry was dispatched to Noah’s Ark Child Care on Nashville Highway. The report: a stolen air conditioner unit. Once Gentry was on scene, he spoke to Deborah McKee, owner of the child care, who stated that the air conditioner’s estimated value was $3,000.

• Burglars stole an iPad and severely damaged a house on Buena Vista Avenue July 8. Officer Christopher Stallings along with Officer Taylor Schoenberger responded to an aggravated burglary at around 2:20 a.m. Upon their arrival, Stallings spoke with Mr. Dakota K. Cunningham and Ms. Tiffany N. Tomlin regarding their pillaged home. Cunningham told officers that he and Ms. Tomlin had just returned to their home from Nashville when they walked into a scene of carnage. The rear window and an exterior door had been forcibly opened. Cunningham stated that he had suspected the house had been broken into before. Cunningham also told officers that a white Apple iPad Mini and approximately $500 in cash had been stolen from the residence. Officers walked to the rear side of the home and noticed a folding table was leaning against the house with a shoe scuffmark on it. The rear master bedroom window had been opened and broken. One of the windows had been broken and leaned against the back of the home as well. The value of the iPad Mini was placed at $400.

• On July 9, Officer Taylor Schoenberger was travelling on North Ellington Highway, when she had stopped a vehicle due to a broken taillight. While speaking to the driver, Tiffany Taylor, Schoenberger began to smell an odor of alcohol. Taylor, 33, had very slurred speech, the police report stated. When Schoenberger asked Taylor if she had anything to drink, she replied “no.” Schoenberger asked Taylor to exit her vehicle to perform the standardized sobriety test. She was very unsteady on her feet and was wearing heels as well. Schoenberger asked her if she had anything to drink and Taylor finally stated that she had “a couple of 12-ounce beers” earlier in the day. Taylor was told she could remove her heels, but she objected. When Taylor performed the standardized sobriety test, she used her arms to keep her up straight, an alarming sign to Schoenberger. Taylor was charged with driving under the influence. Her bond was set at $1,000.


• On July 11, Officers Dillon Lipinski and Landon Frazier observed a white car on Mooresville Highway driving 41 miles per hour in a 30 MPH zone. Lipinski initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and came to a stop around the area of Ripped Fitness. The vehicle’s driver was Joseph Wilson. When Lipinski approached he smelled a strong odor of what smelled like marijuana. When asked if any marijuana was present in the vehicle, Wilson denied the question. Lipinski ordered Wilson to step out of his car so that he could inspect the contents inside, while Frazier assisted him. Once Lipinski’s search began, he heard commotion coming from in front of the vehicle. Frazier had restrained Wilson from concealing the marijuana that he was hiding on himself. Wilson was placed into handcuffs and was issued a citation for Simple Possession.

• On July 11, Officer Ben Fender was dispatched to the area of South Ellington Parkway regarding a dispute between three females. When Fender arrived to the scene, he observed a female in a blue car and two other females in the yard. The female in the blue car was identified as Victoria London. London stated that her daughter, Patricia McMullen, was involved in a verbal argument with a woman named Amber Rogers. Rogers, standing in the front yard of the residence, stated that London had entered her residence and became involved in her and McMullen’s argument. Rogers then told Fender that London had slapped her face. Once Fender made contact with McMullen, she told him that she was indeed involved in a verbal altercation with Amber Rogers. But, the argument never became physical. McMullen was in the process of moving out of Rogers’s home. London was placed under arrest for assault. However, while London was being handcuffed, McMullen ran towards Rogers yelling profanities st her. McMullen was arrested for disorderly conduct. London and McMullen’s bonds were both set at $500.

• On July 15, Deputies McVey and Parks were called to Hatchett Hollow Road in Cornersville regarding an assault. Parks spoke to Ms. Jamey Singleton who stated that Jessie Harris had entered her residence by kicking the door down and assaulted Mr. Robert Hickman. Hickman told deputies that Harris had punched him. Hickman did defend himself so that Harris would remove his hands from him. Hickman then stopped in order to escort Harris from his home. Deputies were able to locate Harris at his parent’s home in Lewisburg. Harris was arrested and charged with simple assault and aggravated burglary. His bond was set at $8,500. -- Compiled by Veronica Kanka.