Local artist crafts heirlooms from wood

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
The earliest part of his youth spent on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Joseph Brindle moved with his family to Lewisburg when he was nine years old.

In today’s fast paced world it is good to know that some things are made to last a lifetime, and woodworking is a perfect example.

Joseph Brindle, owner of Rocky Top Woodcraft, creates unique and beautiful works of art. Brindle is this July’s Artist of the Month at the Marshall County Art Guild in Lewisburg.

Custom made from many different types of wood, Brindle’s work ranges from furniture to Christmas tree ornaments.

Crafting works of art with wood, Brindle’s passion began while watching his father repair an old wooden boat.

His passion started on his family’s farm when he was a child. Brindle says that his father was an engineer and he was always fascinated with his love for creating things. One memory that stuck with Brindle the most was his father’s wooden sailboat.

Brindle’s father grew up in Maryland, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. He bought a 1960s European, wooden boat and afterwards he made it seaworthy. Unfortunately, a violent hurricane came through the area and badly damaged the wooden boat. His father had to rebuild the boat from the remaining scraps.

When Joseph was a child, he watched his father rebuild that boat, which sparked his passion for woodworking.

“Woodworking skipped a generation it seems,” Brindle said, “but now, it is slowly making a comeback.” Brindle has been really pursuing his wood crafting business for the past six months. Even though Brindle makes a profit from his woodworking art, it’s not enough to make a living yet. He left his job at the La Vergne Mitsuchi plant about two years ago building car parts, to focus on his wood work.

He creates his works on his farm. Brindle makes custom furniture and other household items such as coffee tables, wine bottle holders, picture frames, and wooden stars. He also makes holiday gifts that vary from Christmas card holders to decorative ornaments. Unique to his work, is a custom bathroom vanity with hidden steps that pull out for a small child to reach the sink.

Each piece is made from woods such as poplar, red pine and reclaimed wood. Brindle would love for his passion to become his career, but because it is such a young business, he knows that it will take time to become popular.

Brindle desires to have his own independent shop one day. Brindle’s woodcrafts are currently available at the gift shop at the Andrew Springs Christmas Tree Farm located just outside of Lewisburg. He wants his business to become known throughout the community. Being the Art Guild’s Artist of the Month will hopefully boost his business.

Handcrafted items retain a special quality and pride of ownership. It is an heirloom that can be passed from one generation to the next. The fact that so much time goes into every piece Brindle makes speaks wonders.

You can contact Joseph Brindle at (931) 652-9612 or on Facebook @rockytopwoodcraft.