Wanted Chapel Hill shooter arrested in Columbia

Friday, July 21, 2017
Laqueston Goff

The Chapel Hill Police Department finally closed the book on a shooting incident that occurred on Depot Street in Chapel Hill on June 7.

Laqueston Dewayne Goff was arrested in Columbia on Wednesday, July 12 and charged with aggravated domestic assault, reckless endangerment, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

He is being held on $27,000 bond.

The scene in June had been confusing. After hearing shots fired on Depot Street, an off-duty corrections officer encountered Goff on the corner of Biggers Street and Bell Street in Chapel Hill.

Authorities initially initially considered Goff, who was covered in blood, to be a possible victim of the shooting.

He was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville where it was discovered that his injuries were not caused by a firearm.

Goff and other witnesses were uncooperative, and by the time police had pieced together that Goff himself had been the shooter, he had already left the hospital.

Police now believe that Goff assaulted his estranged wife on that evening in June.

She managed to escape into the home on Depot Street, when he punched through the windows in the front door. The cuts from this, and resultant blood, gave police the idea that he had been injured by gunfire.

Police then believe he retrieved a semi-automatic rifle and began firing into the house.

Fleeing through a nearby wooded area, he dropped the weapon, later recovered during the investigation, before encountering the off-duty officer.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Andrew Kon said that Goff did not seem to have a fixed place of residence and that the department had sought him since the event, before his arrest in Columbia.

Kon also expressed his appreciation to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and the Lewisburg Police Department for their assistance with the investigation.