Charlie and the corn stalk

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Charlie Nichols and the stalk with 15 ears.
Photos submitted by Sissy Nichols

The Marshall County Tribune has received pictures of huge cabbages, gigantic tomatoes, and large squashes, but never a corn stalk with 15 ears!

Charlie and Sissy Nichols, who live on Globe Road in Lewisburg, recently found a stalk of corn growing in the fence row between their property and their neighbor. This stalk, a volunteer, actually has 15 ears of corn. The Nichols have a garden with several rows of corn, but not a corn stalk with this many ears.

Volunteers grow when there is good soil moisture and high fertility, which results with multiple ears on a single shank. When this process of growth occurs, it is called MESS (Multiple Ears on a Single Shank.) So it can actually be said that this stalk is a MESS. A normal stalk of corn produces one to two ears.

This stalk with 15 ears will make for good conversation at the next Farmerís Market and this MESS, the Nichols will not likely forget.