Suspect leaves in stolen wheelchair

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

On July 20, Officer Collins responded to the Greenwood Avenue area in reference to a theft from Walmart. Collins spoke to the Lewisburg Walmart manager who stated that he witnessed a female drive away with an electric wheelchair. Haller valued the wheelchair at $3,000. Once Collins arrived to the Greenwood Avenue area, he made contact with Percilla Flatt who stated that she stole items from Walmart. Flatt told Collins that she had stolen an electric wheelchair, dust remover, and a Pepsi. Flatt said that she needed the wheelchair to take her home and that she would return it the next day. Flatt was placed under arrest for Theft of Property over $1,000. Officers then uncovered that Flatt had an active Order of Protection from Walmart. Flatt was charged with Violation of an Order of Protection. Her bond was set at $4,000.

• On July 23, while on patrol, Officer Schoenberger came across a woman passed out in her Nissan Maxima on Nashville Highway in Lewisburg. The woman’s vehicle was still running with the sunroof open. The driver’s door was also unlocked.The woman was identified as Rainey Sisk. When she finally woke up, she was very disoriented. Schoenberger noticed an open bottle of wine on her passenger floor, but when asked about the bottle, Sisk stated that she did not have anything to drink. Schoenberger asked Sisk if she knew where she was, and she stated that she was in Shelbyville. Sisk was asked to perform a Standardized Sobriety Test, but failed it. She also refused consent for a blood withdrawal. Unsteady on her feet, Sisk was arrested for Driving Under the Influence as well as Violation of Implied Consent. Her total bond is $1,000.

• On July 21, Deputies Keith Jolley and Ben Parks were dispatched to Highway 64 to speak with Gregory Pollock about his stolen tools. Pollock stated that the items had been stolen from his shed. The last time he had seen the items was on July 14. Pollock told deputies that a black Nissan Titan had pulled into his driveway, someone exited the vehicle, and knocked on the door of the home. When Pollock went to answer the door, the vehicle vanished. Pollock stated that the Nissan Titan was the only suspicious situation he could possibly link to the theft. Pollock stated that his stolen property valued around $5,000. A suspect has not been found.


• On July 31, Officer Kyle Dickson responded to a domestic disturbance on New Columbia Road in Lewisburg. When Dickson arrived to the residence, Amanda Dawn Mather was observed to be heavily intoxicated and was yelling and cursing at the owner of her home, Jerry Price. Mather had thrown Price’s belongings into the yard and pool prior to Dickson’s arrival. Mather was asked to calm down several times, but she would not. Due to her level of intoxication, she was seen as a threat to herself and the public and was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. Mather’s bond was set at $1,500.