Ready or not–School’s here

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
JACOB SORRELLS Superintendent of Schools

While the calendar might say differently, Marshall County students and teachers know that summer’s over.

The school year kicks off Thursday with a half-day for students across the district, before Monday’s full day of classes.

“The start is probably the best part of the year,” said Superintendent of Schools Jacob Sorrells. “Everyone is excited and ready to go. It’s a fun time of the year.”

Students go on Thursday until 11:30 to dip their toe in the waters of a new year before next week’s full days.

Supplies are stocked up, backpacks filled, rooms decorated, and orientations are complete.

District teachers spent Monday at Lewisburg Middle School for an in-service day, doing some learning themselves on everything from dyslexia interventions to young adult literature.

The main change students will see this year, said Sorrells, is an increase in technology available to them.

The district has 2,100 Chromebook computers on order and would eventually like for every student to have one in order to foster learning.

“We are walking down a path of adding technology,” said Sorrells. The district has been testing the idea of putting devices in students’ hands on a small scale for the past year or two.

The district won’t have an accurate count of how many students are enrolled for this year until after the first couple of weeks of school have passed.

Overall, the goal for the year is the same as every year, said Sorrells.

“We want to be the highest achieving district in south central Tennessee,“ Sorrells said.

Marshall County High School Principal John Bush agreed with Sorrells. “We’re in it to win it,” he said.