County Clerk offers new services locally

Friday, August 11, 2017

Many new services are being offered at the Marshall County Clerk’s Office.

County Clerk Daphne Fagan-Girts wants to share the new services available to the citizens of Marshall County.

She says that whenever an address has to be changed on a license, instead of running to Fayetteville or Columbia, the change can be made right at the Courthouse Annex in Lewisburg.

“This change makes it easier on the citizens of Marshall County because they can stay within the county,” Fagan-Girts said. The clerk’s office can now change addresses on all licenses, including a learner’s permit.

Along with the address changes, the clerk’s office is also able remove restrictions from every license except the learners permit. Fagan-Girts says that anyone over 18 years of age should come to her office to get the restrictions taken off their license.

“Make sure you bring in two proofs of your address, such as a landline bill or a utility bill if you decide to take restrictions off of your license,” she said. More information about the proofs of address can be found on the county clerk’s website.

Tennessee has added a new license plate as well this year, with the words “In God We Trust” printed on it.

“This new plate will cost two dollars more than the original, making it $81 the first time it is bought,” Fagan-Girts said, “but every time after it is bought, it will reduce to the original $79 cost.”

“I am very excited about all these new services being offered, and I hope it helps our citizens to avoid traveling to neighboring counties,” said Fagan-Girts. “This is a quick task and it will make Marshall County citizen’s lives much easier.”

More information regarding the changes or services available in the clerk’s office is available on