MCHS Sub Deb Rush week kicks off school year

Thursday, August 24, 2017
Sub Deb members such as Hailee Haurez and McKenna Hunter both love their bigs, and they take on Rush Week with pride.
Photo by Adriana Pomatto

Marshall Country high school yields many great experiences throughout the year, but Sub Deb rush week remains a highlight of the school.

MCHS’s Sub Deb is an organization known for its community service, yearly formal, and the initiation of the rushees. At the beginning of the school year, a tea is held where all current Sub Deb members and girls looking to join meet in the hopes of choosing new “littles.” After the tea, current members vote to see who will be the newest members. Rushee initiation begins the following Monday.

19 wonderful girls were chosen to be Sub Deb’s 2017-18 littles who began their trials early Monday morning at school. Dressed in wild costumes with hair teased and donning eccentric make-up, these girls surely made everybody’s Monday a little bit better. To march the halls of MCHS in said attire requires a sense of humor and a dash of humility.

The trials of humility that the rushees endure all week last until Friday night at the first Football game of the year. Until Friday, they will don the proper outfit each day of the week, sometimes completing tasks on certain days. Halfway through the week, rushees will participate in a talent show during break in the school gym. Several of the Senior members have reported that they will be telling their littles through other sub deb members to sing rap songs.

Friday night will end Rush Week with one final event, including the littles dancing to random songs at the football field until they can guess who their “big” is. After the conclusion of Rush Week, there is a group sleep-over for the littles and bigs. School will return to normal and the littles will officially – and rightfully – be part of MCHS’s Sub Deb. When their time comes, the littles will each be a big and they will make the most of their little’s week just the same.