Gore’s new global warming movie DOA

Friday, August 25, 2017

Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, was an unqualified failure. It finished 21st last weekend and averaged a pathetic $644 per theater. It’s not just the hackneyed subtitle doomed it. It truly came at an inconvenient time. Gore has so exaggerated his global warming claims that it’s sent millions of people searching for the truth. ‘Exaggerated’ is being kind. Most of his claims are outright lies. Once people start scratching beneath the surface the truth is hard to hide.

I’ve always said that the belief in manmade global warming is wide but shallow. All one has to do is chronicle how much of Gore’s claims from his first movie have come true and it’s easy to see that the whole argument that we’re destroying the planet is simply false.

A new study published in The Spectator in Australia once again demonstrates that temperatures were warmer during the Medieval Warm Period than they are today. The MWP ran from about 950AD to 1250AD. The really inconvenient truth for Al is that it was actually warmer when he put out his first movie in 2007 than it is now. Oops. This is one of the many inconvenient truths we expose in our movie, An Inconsistent Truth.

The irony is that the week Gore’s movie was debuting and bombing at the box office our movie skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon’s documentary list. We were #30 for all movies and TV shows on Amazon. The really hilarious part is the liberals at Amazon also put us in the fantasy category as a slap in the face. We went to #1 in the fantasy category, too! All of a sudden the Game of Thrones crowd that would never have even heard of our movie saw it at the top of their category. Thanks, Amazon.

The inconvenient truth is nothing Al Gore claimed in his first movie has come true. He said we would see hurricanes more severe and more frequently than at any time before in history. Instead we began the longest hurricane drought in history. He said the polar bears were on the edge of extinction. When Gore did his movie the estimated polar bear population was 22,500. Today it’s about 30,000. Temperatures over the last 20 years have remained steady despite CO2 levels rising. Where’s the correlation? And every single climate model has been wrong. They all predicted temperatures would go up with CO2 increases. They haven’t.

And don’t get me started on NASA, NOAA, and the UK Met fudging temperatures not only from today but from the 1940s to make it look like we’ve been warming.

The left-wing media love to point to polls showing the public is gravely concerned about climate change. Apparently not concerned enough to go see a movie by the grand guru of global warming. Only the most devoted Branch Algorians showed up at the theaters. Essentially three weeks into release and the film is dead.

In order for people to believe your theory you have to back it up with facts… eventually. Gore and his people have had 30 years or more to close the sale. A skeptical public still has its foot in the doorway. A theory with no proof is just a theory. In fact, it’s less than that. It’s a guess. And a bad one at that.

If the planet were heating up we’d be breaking records every year. The latest heatwave in America broke records dating back 100 years. A heatwave every 100 years is not a pattern. It’s certainly not something we dismantle our entire economy over.

©Philip Carr “Phil” Valentine