Deadline nears for school immunizations

Friday, August 25, 2017

The deadline is drawing near for students to get their immunizations so they may continue attending classes in the Marshall County School System. A letter was sent home with students on August 16 indicating which vaccines the students lacked; a final letter was sent home August 23 stating that a Certificate of Immunization must be presented to the child’s school no later than Friday, September 1, or the student will not be allowed to return after the Labor Day holiday.

In Tennessee, children enrolling in kindergarten and students entering the seventh grade must provide the school with a state immunization certificate as proof they’ve been given all the required vaccines; not only does this protect the student, but also their classmates from serious vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Director of Schools is not permitted by state law to allow students to attend school who are not adequately immunized. Two exceptions to this law are: 1) a written statement by the student’s physician, given to the school each year, stating the immunizations are medically inadvisable, or 2) a written statement indicating your objections must be provided to the school each school year.

If you have additional questions, please contact your child’s school, or you may contact the office of Coordinated School Health at 359-1581, ext. 12025 or 12032.