Marshall County Memorial Library Memorials

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

June/July 2017

Allen, Hugh

Donation to the Book Fund given by the MCHS Class of 1956.

Ervin, Mildred

Donation to the Book Fund given by the MCHS Class of 1956.

Gentry, Mr. & Mrs. Howard

Donation to the Book Fund given by Terry L. Corbin.

Gentry, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Louis

Donation to the Book Fund given by Terry L. Corbin.

Giles, Bryan


“The Prank Cookbook”; given by Beth Weigel.

“Walking to Listen”; given by Billy, Judy and Aunt Lib, Troy, Jessica and Aleigha Harwell.

Ogilvie, Betty Ann (Who Touched the Lives of Many Children)

“The Missing Magic”, “The Enchanted Egg”, “Billions of Bricks”, “Fearless Flyer”, “Fairy Tale Comics”, “Clover’s Luck”, “Be a Star, Wonder Woman!”, “Give Bees a Chance”, “Bunny’s Book Club”, “Bedtime Math”, “Be Quiet!”, “Escargot”, “Fault Lines & Tectonic Plates”, and “The Case of the Stinky Stench”; given by South Central AEYC.

Ray, Sharon

“Pruning and Training”; given by Roger & Helen Fagan.

Smith, Lynne

“Dorie’s Cookies”; given by Jane & Cannon Tilford, Colma & Gary Bolling, and Terry & Judy Wallace.

“Love Story”; given by Greg & Alice Donahue.

Sparrow, William (Butch)

“The Matheny Manifesto”; given by Bob & Peggy Edens.

Thompson, Joan

“Objects of Devotion”, “Women of Faith”, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Random Acts of Kindness”, “The Heart-Shaped Life”, “The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook”, “The Beach House Cookbook”, and “Add a Pinch”; given by The Courthouse Annex Employees.

Donation to the Marshall County Friends of the Library Fund; given by The Courthouse Annex Employees.

Tindell, Frances

“How to do Everything: Genealogy”; given by The Lewisburg Study Club.



Donation of an Elmo document camera; given anonymously.

Donation given to the Chapel Hill Branch; given by Duck River Electric.

Donation to the Book Fund; given anonymously.

Donation to the Chapel Hill Book Fund; given by D’Ann White.

Donation to the Summer Reading Program given by the following: Don & Betsye Ledford, Purple Elephant Coffee House, Tillis Jewelry, First Commerce Bank, LawLers Barbecue, Bellaboo Boutique, H&S Pharmacy, Southern Carton, Nichirin, Duck River Electric, Red 7 Pizza Co., Rotary Club of Lewisburg, Sweet CeCe’s, Lewisburg Jewelry, CB&S Bank, Jimmy’s Deli, Bonjour Boutique, City of Lewisburg Recreation Center, Waker Die Casting, Inc., Hwy 55, Wendy’s, Comfort Research, Companion Animal Hospital, London Funeral Home, LPH, Victory Fun Park.


Donation of Books on Tape, Encyclopedias, Hardback Books, Magazines, Paperback Books, Videos, Music CDs and DVDs were given by the following:

Rose Adam, John Anton, Susan Brooks, Keith Brown, Bobby Connell, Kathy Coppings, Steve Diffee, Jason Ellis, Margaret Krueger, Loetta McPherson, Donald McKinney, and Lenelle Smithson.

Editors note--The library memorials that ran earlier in the month were from 2016. This is the listing for the current year.