Flesher arrested, charged as flasher

Friday, September 1, 2017

A local man was arrested for allegedly committing indecent acts after he approached several women in the parking lot of the Acres Shopping Center on Aug. 23.

Jarrett Flesher, 40, who is listed with a Cornersville address, was charged after four women reported to police that he had made inappropriate advances to them.

The first victim stated that she had left work in order to make a bank deposit when Flesher pulled alongside her in his car.

According to her statement, he offered her money for sex while, at the same time, he was also touching his genitals.

She took photos of him and his vehicle as he drove away.

The second victim reported that she was sitting in the parking lot eating lunch when he pulled in next to her and stared at her while touching himself.

The third woman reported that he had also pulled alongside her car and offered her money and methamphetamine in exchange for sexual acts.

A fourth woman told officers that Flesher was driving slowly beside her in the McDonald’s drive through, leading her to feel as if she was being stalked.

The first woman positively identified Flesher on the scene after he had been detained by police, according to the report.

Flesher was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, patronizing prostitution, and driving without a license.

Initially he was held on a $7,500 bond.

Two days later, Marshall County deputies served additional warrants on Flesher at his home. An additional count each of patronizing prostitution, indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct were added, along with an additional $7,000 bond.

Under Tennessee law, offering money for sexual favors is classed as patronizing prostitution, the act of solicitation being illegal and not reflective of the women involved.

Flesher was also found to have violated a court order to register with the Tennessee Sex Offender registry.

Flesher was found guilty in January, 2017 of indecent exposure after a similar event in the Kroger parking lot in Lewisburg.

During that January 8 incident, two women reported that he had exposed himself to them in the parking lot, while others reported that he had followed them through the store as well.

For that incident, he was sentenced to serve 75 percent of a six- month sentence and also required to register as an offender.