Hottest jobs in Tennessee

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

State releases list of in-demand careers for Tennesseans through 2024.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TDLWD) released the 2017 list of hot jobs across the state this week. The list is a projection of what occupations will be most in-demand through the year 2024.

Topping this year’s recently revised hot jobs list is the occupation of team assemblers in the manufacturing field, with a projection of 1,845 openings over the next seven years. Accountants and auditors are the second most in-demand occupation, with 1,460 potential job openings. With an estimated 1,390 new positions, office supervisors take the third spot on the list, followed by nursing assistants, licensed vocational and practical nurses, and elementary school teachers. Several dozen occupations, requiring varying skill levels, are part of the list.

“This list is very helpful for several reasons,” said TDLWD Commissioner Burns Phillips. “It gives someone who may be looking for a new career valuable insight when choosing which type of career they may want to pursue. It also provides information to our state’s educators they can use to identify courses of study needed to meet the projected demand.”

The data projects careers expected to grow, what skills they require, and average salary ranges for each occupation. The statewide data on the site is also available on a local basis for each of the 13 local workforce development areas across the state.

Occupations included on the list meet the following criteria:

• Require more than short-term on-the-job training

• Expected to have positive job growth

• Expected to be in-demand with employers

• Forecasted to have at least 10 annual average job openings in the area

The biggest future demand in Marshall and surrounding counties over the next decade will be for team assemblers, with a median salary last year of $27,742. The next most prevalent job is for customer service representatives at $25,942.

The highest paying jobs in this area will be for industrial engineers, which now have a median salary of $93,811. The next highest paying career is for electricians at $69,921 per year.

High demand for elementary school teachers will continue, with projections of 30 new jobs over the next decade for area counties. The current median salary for school teachers is $43,626.

Tennessee’s workforce website,, is a one-stop location for job resources across the state. There are more than 157,000 current job openings listed on the site. Job seekers can also get assistance with their resume and job search skills. Employers are encouraged to post new job openings on the site. All of the workforce development services offered on are free to jobs seekers and employers.